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  1. 8 Please note there is currently no availability to retrofit a tow bar for A 250e This is what it says in the brochure. Certainly PF Jones don’t have a towbar for that model and they seem to have most things covered. I guess your chum won’t be towing anything.
  2. It’s a Rapido Orline, a nice looking unit. I believe the quote was to have a 12v system fitted, as it doesn’t currently have one, not change or add a battery. If that is the case it wouldn’t just be a battery as it would need a charger which would run off the mains when on ehu along with connections to the car.
  3. If it is just splashes getting into the hose then I would think that turning the vent control to closed would stop most of the water getting in. You can see the vent control in the picture, it should turn and possibly click into place if turned in the right direction.
  4. If they employed you, you wouldn’t be retired! Sounds discriminatory to me 😁😁
  5. Would rigid plastic bond OK and the same question on any covering you might want to put on.
  6. I found the same as you Reggie and similar saving with Happyplace, just renewed.
  7. Get a large bike trailer with a purpose built large toolbox to take your generator, fuel and anything else you don’t want in the car. If camping why do you need a generator, surely lpg would do most things you need.
  8. Must of done my early caravanning in the late 70s to have been able to hook up to the car, hardly dare use the lights in case it flattened the car battery and it wouldn’t start next day! Should really of remembered that the permanent 12v had moved to the grey as was looking not that long ago for a different subject.
  9. Thanks LE , was it that long ago? 😁
  10. Not sure I fully understand what you are asking, but the black plug should have a permanent 12v supply from the vehicle. Back in the day that is how you powered the lights in the van, using a 12n extension to the car. I guess the main thing we need to know is how are your lights etc designed to be powered and do you mean you don’t have a leisure battery fitted or there is no provision for a battery?
  11. Towergate have this clause; 8. We will not pay for loss or damage caused by You towing Your caravan if Your Caravan weighs in excess of 95% of the towing vehicle’s kerb weight. Apparently they don’t insure Hobby caravans either, so perhaps one to miss when looking for insurance
  12. As above, a decent thermostat will have a ‘frost’ setting for just this reason and turns heating on if the temp. in the van drops below 5 degrees.
  13. Need a bit more info., do you have wires going to your taps, or do you have a pressure switch? No wires to the tap means there is a pressure switch somewhere in the supply line. If wires to the tap it is a switch in the tap that turns on the pump. If a pressure switch the reduction in pressure when you open a tap starts the pump.
  14. You ‘ll need to replace it with an AL-KO ball with an extended neck. There isn’ t an alternative. If you don’t change it the front of your hitch will probably hit the bumper of your car. The old ball just unbolt and is replaced with the new one.
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