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  1. Lovely looking chair but I can’t see how you can use it for sitting at a table.
  2. Looking for the same thing, not found anything yet, hopefully the good folk on here have some suggestions.
  3. It’s lovely to buy new but due to the way mass produced caravans are built I believe it is unrealistic to expect perfection on a new build and with our van I felt if my snagging list was under 10 I would be doing well! In fact it was only five but a couple more issues have come up since. Non insurmountable or spoiling our use of the van and still under 10 😀. Ours was one of the last two the dealer had prior to closing down for Covid so was being used as a show model but once we had given notice of intent to buy was moved off the sales area, we then went down and spent a good hour or two going over and inspecting it and giving our list of things to be sorted. Not the same model but the window surround was hanging down at the top end, dealer did a lovely job of repairing and not been a problem. The other major problem was the sink hadn’t been set in correctly, again fixed. Bailey had managed to fit the wrong tracker, now replaced. Since using it I noticed several small areas in the bathroom where the inner ceiling panel wasn’t correctly bonded causing small bumps, only noticed because from the shower there were some odd shadows but Bailey are sending out their remedial team to fix it. Oddly, I have also had four of the wiring glue pads detach from under the floor but sorted those myself. So, in summary I wasn’t expecting perfection so not getting it wasn’t a disappointment, as often iterated you need a great dealer. I would suggest if possible inspect your van before they do a PDI so they can add anything you are not happy with to their list and sort before you finally take it away. Worked for us. Really enjoying our Bailey!
  4. As far as I am aware most manufactures use the same system which is four different length rods hanging down into the water and they use the water as an electrical return to detect its presence. It seems the longest and shorted are working and the middle two are not. From memory you will find, on the top of the tank a connector with four poss. five thin wires. Check these are not damaged and see if you can follow them back to a connection point or PCB, looking for an unseated connection. Don’t think you are doing anything wrong and it is a simple system.
  5. Got a series 10 fridge on mine and with outside temp. of 30 degrees, awning fitted, and the door open in front of the grills the freezer was still freezing water from ambient. Not sure you are going to need anything extra. Belt and Braces I guess.
  6. Some Baileys do have a cooling fan on the oven for over temp. rather than fan assist. If not being used it would seem ideal for your purpose. Had a look at the schematic and the only yellow I could find was labelled auxiliary, as Andy says check voltage is controlled by the main switch. If so, you are good to go.
  7. As above, has it ever worked, what is the micro switch you purchased, pressure or micro switch system, all taps or just one?
  8. Had similar on my handover, was told the mic for Bluetooth radio was a temp sensor and Bailey had abandoned drop down spare wheels they are all on AL-KO frames, even after I pointed out the nut under the bed for winding it down. Like Knauscol pretty experienced on most things but Alde heating was new to me and about the only thing I wanted help on….ahhhh, she says, don’t know much about how that works. Odd thing was, she wasn’t an employee but was hired purely for handovers because she was so good! Never got a reply from sales manager after pointing out the inaccuracies. Just noticed predictive text had changed handovers to hangovers - gave a whole new meaning to the sentence 😀😀.
  9. That is one of the strange things with motorhomes, so many (not all) would spend huge sums on buying the thing and then boast of how much they were doing for free! Not paying for anything was turned into an art form. I believe it does cause problems on some of the Scottish islands and other remote areas were tourism £ are important but the great big motorhomes would role in and do their best not to spend a penny but suck in everything on offer. Did m/home for 9 years and enjoyed the aires and stellplatz but spent our money in the villages that supported them. Don’t think we ever freeloaded, just didn’t feel comfortable or safe.
  10. EE seem cheap enough, 200gb for £28 a month. I was looking at 160gb for 20 a month, (calls and messages unlimited). Paying £8 for 6gb with the Yorkshire one at the moment so need to change as want to try mifi. Lots of other deals.
  11. Using a 120 litres means filling the aqua roll three times a day! A 100 litres would easily cover us for around three days off grid at which point we would normally have moved on. Last thing before travelling was to drop waste and fill water tank. Always but always arrived with full tank - no messing about when setting up. Can’t really remember staying anywhere more than three days, but I would of moved the van, didn’t carry an Aqua role! Did often see m/homers topping up with 10 litres at a time, clearly not quite into freshness as we where 😀.
  12. Our first was 150 litres, the second 100 litres, depends entirely on the m/home you are looking or if it has been upspecced.
  13. Have both direct and float systems but abandoned the direct as the flow in the shower was woeful compared to the pump. As always pro and cons but the minor inconvenience in set up is worth the improved shower to us.
  14. I do think that the battery v hydrogen discussion is similar to Beta v VHS when the inferior product/solution won out. There is challenge in distribution but it’s not insurmountable, there are already boiler manufacturers producing boilers that will run on hydrogen, ICE engines, both diesel and petrol can be run on hydrogen, no rare materials required for manufacture. Germany and Japan are already looking into using their gas infrastructure to carry hydrogen around the country. Just imagine, you can run your boiler on hydrogen for heating and cooking and have a outside tap to connect to your vehicle for top ups!! Still need public refill sires for when travelling but if using current gas pipes it isn’t going to be difficult.
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