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  1. Thanks JTQ, I did think that was probably the case, so if your van has a solar panel your leisure battery should stay reasonably well charged. I guess it won’t impact on the fridge as that comes directly from the alternator and not the leisure battery.
  2. If you have a solar panel does it continue to charge the battery when towing?
  3. Trigano perhaps? Ownerships keep changing so who knows 😂
  4. Ahh, two German motorhomes so perhaps not aware of the damp issues others were having , did genuinely think there was a lot less damp problems, plenty of other problems though !,
  5. Like others run the gamut of camping, frame tent, trailer tent, folding caravan, several caravans and then a motorhome. I believe the honest answer is that you will never know which you prefer until you have given them both a few years! We originally got aMoho as we found we were moving on every few days which of course is a pain with a caravan but easy with a motorhome. We also tended to go abroad and the continent is very well set up for motorhomes of all sizes but we did find it a lot less fun in the UK. After nine great years of motorhomes we started to feel that we were always p
  6. A degree of irony here, prompted by this thread I thought I would return 5 empty Calor gas bottles but, they aren’t taking returns! Also, the main Calor centres are still closed even though retail is allowed to be open. The guy I spoke to did seem as mystified as me and was still waiting for some guidance on opening from Calor themselves but nothing so far.
  7. Found it, so all sorted, the pump has also stopped buzzing every ten to twenty seconds, so can now relax.
  8. Thanks djadria, I have come across that manual on line but I didn’t get one with the van. I have to say that I wasn’t sure there was much relevance to our vans with so much reference to motorhome equipment, Whale heating, waste probes etc. Plus couldn’t find any solar panel indicator, outside temperature, leisure battery current etc. on my display. I will have another look but didn’t find the pump running alarm, is there a subset of menus?
  9. Absolutely charlieboy but not going to all the trouble of a dealer visit for a two pound micro switch 😁. If it can come apart then generally I can fix it, dealer would probably just replace the whole item. I don’t like to throw away anything that can be economically fixed.
  10. Thanks for the detailed reply Rodders , good to know there is a micro switch in there, still not sure why it would stop the pump but continue to send an ‘on’ signal to the control panel. I’ve discovered that you only need to pull the back of the housing off to access the micro switch. So, multimeter out to discover what the switch is up to. Thanks again. Keith
  11. My caravan is a Bailey Alicanto (2020) and the pump system is a Whale Aquamaster with the pressure switch built in to the hose connector. Pump is a high pressure one. Gave the whole water system a puriclean yesterday and noticed the pump was buzzing every few seconds with the taps off. Got the manual out and managed to adjust the pressure switch and get the buzzing down to just every now and again. However I noticed that Bailey control panel showed ‘pump running’ but it wasn’t. I removed the pump and message still showed. As there is very little in the system my assumption is that the Aqu
  12. Just swapped a flogas 6kg, no mention of a shortage but way over price at nearly £30!
  13. Very common scam on classic cars.
  14. Years ago! Mains into our house is still lead. Have been drinking it straight from the tap for the last fourty years or so. As far as I know it hasn’t had any detrimental effect. I believe a lot of ‘experts’ suggest that the modern obsession with cleanliness is leading the younger generation to have less defence against all sorts of illnesses. Fortunately my kids were exposed to all sorts and everything and they and there kids are all as tough as old boots and really don’t suffer much at all, not even colds.
  15. Seems ironic that one of the outcomes of catching COVID 19 is blood clots!
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