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  1. It's the remembering bit that worries me 😂😂.
  2. Rachel replied to me as well😃, she must be wondering what’s going on! Nothing to do with trust, just trying to make sense of a very frustrating situation. I am happy to take your word that it is an over pressure sensor, I just like to understand the how and why as I don’t believe I have seen such a device before. What I find frustrating is that all the evidence suggests the van should have the correct safety systems to allow gas to be used whilst travelling. This is based on the fact it is a premium product fitted with a very expensive AES fridge which, I can’t currently use to its
  3. H'mmm discovered this at the back of the online manual, not noted in the index, came across it while looking up winterisation! Makes me wonder why everyone is telling me they don't fit this gear in caravans!!
  4. Hi djadria, you have me wondering on your ‘over pressure’ statement! How do you get an ‘over pressure’ situation, surely that is the whole point of a regulator, to take the high pressure of the propane ‘gassing’ and supply it at low pressure to the appliances in the van. I don’t recall ever having a regulator with an over pressure device and I have had a few! So, how would an over pressure situation come about and if it did what happens to this excess pressure? I can’t imagine it turns back into a liquid format, so after the valve shuts off the gas what should you do, because if you don’t do a
  5. Nice and clear, thanks djadria. Good to get the information ‘out there’ as I am sure I am not the only one who thinks it is a cs version, having looked at pictures I believe the cs one has a yellow ring on the button. I would still like to know why the Bailey video shows a rupture hose at 7.24 😁, I have asked but don’t suppose I will get an answer.
  6. H'mm spoken to dealer who says it is working correctly for a 'monitor' system and they have been in contact with tracker who are now saying it might be a problem their end with the 'keying' data -whatever that is. So, Bailey are probably innocent as I can't see that Bailey fit 'Retriever's' on any van!, I await more information from Tracker, won't be until next week as they don't work Friday afternoons nice! Will update next week and hopefully it is just me who has a problem.
  7. I hadn't had any communication from Tracker re. the registration of the tracker device, so contacted them and dealer had given them the wrong email address, They then sent me my registration document and on there it says it is a Tracker 'retrieve', but the Alicanto should have Tracker' monitor' a very different animal. So, call to Baileys, have to say very helpful and checked the build data, yes ,your van should have a Tracker' Monitor'. not a' retriever'. Asked if I was just unlucky and apparently the two units are very similar and the wrong one has been fitted. Darn it (or something similar
  8. Well, so confusing, this from Truma's UK website. Truma gas pressure regulator for driving mode: enjoy the freedom To ensure maximum safety, all Truma gas pressure regulators have an integrated crash sensor. The European Heating Appliance Directive specifies that a safety shut-off device such as this must be installed to run the gas system while the vehicle is in motion. But the gas pressure regulators are also suitable for stationary operation at campsites. Couldn't post the picture underneath showing both caravan and motorhome but here is a link https://www.truma.c
  9. Ahh, thanks for that. SO much simpler in a motorhome, everything just works when you want it to!!
  10. Hi all, Before I bought my Sintra I did my due diligence and even watched the 'How to set up your Bailey caravan' video on YouTube and on campsite arrival the lady demonstrator can be clearly seen pressing the green button on the Truma rupture hose. Great thought I, they must be fitting Truma Crash sensor regulators (10 years in Motorhomes where they are pretty standard, as with a biggun it can get pretty cold further down from the cab so run the heating) so, warm van on arrival and food keeping cool in fridge if doing a long stop. Checked on Truma web site and they only do crash sensor r
  11. Thanks for the correction Rodgers 👍 Rodders!
  12. Thanks all for your input, a continuity check established that the lead is indeed connected to an f-type connector located in the external mains socket, Bailey describe this as a satellite input. All connections on the status amplifier are also f-type screw in (made a mistake there) , so. I guess the procedure if using a sat dish is to disconnect one of the TV output connections and make a direct connection to this ‘aerial feed’ via an in-line connector. So, three ways of using it, input from sat dish after making an in-line connection to the one of the vans TV points (could also use a spli
  13. Just to confirm in case anyone has the same query, a standard low height 110 amp battery fits in nicely. Ended up with a Yuasa L36 EFB which is working fine, as would be expected at 3 weeks old. 😂
  14. Aha! Good thought Reggie, the van does have an external satellite connection, though I had assumed it would just splice into the aerial lead rather than needing to be manually changed over. The specification for the van mentions it but nothing in the handbook to explain how it works, not sure if you can run a satellite signal through an amplifier, certainly no f-type sockets! Will have to try and chase it down tomorrow. Thanks lol.
  15. There is already a lead on the aerial socket and it works with my tv so it is an extra lead. The only empty socket on the status is an output for a third tv point which I don’t have.
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