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  1. Using your wine analogy Mr P, basing your opinion on driving a variant is a bit like suggesting a winemakers 2018 Merlot will be great just because there 2018 Shiraz was! It doesn’t work like that, small changes can make a lot of difference. I do think that they should of delayed it until it could be done properly and use the intervening time to think up a scheme that gave some meaningful results, comparing diesels with the latest petrols, more alternative powered vehicles including hydrogen and re-assessing their towing criteria.
  2. My mistake it was the Superb, still only a maximum of 1400kgs with their 85% rule, doesn’t add many ‘vans to your list. As mentioned above and said by me before, they should test cars to 100% loading after actually weighing them and see how they perform and if they can’t cope it would give a bit of validity to their 85% suggested weight limit. They should weigh them to give us, the buying public, an idea of which manufacturers are reasonably accurate as there are so many inconsistencies in what manufacturers quote. My own Outlander (diesel) handbook figure was around 200kgs less than the
  3. Just been reading the above report in the magazine and it appears the Tow Car of the year is the Skoda Octavia Estate, an admirable choice (had a VRS as a company car and it towed really well) but it is in the caravan up to 1300kg category! With that as your max. caravan weight you are certainly going to be restricted in your caravan choice, a quick look at Baileys, and from their whole range you can choose one out of four, three of them being Discovery models. It does seem odd to me that they have chosen this as Tow car of the year when it can tow such a limited number of the available ‘v
  4. Mr P, you got me reminiscing about my old kit cars, quick search on the net and my first one came up. Know it’s mine as not many built and the transfers were made by a mate. Sold it back to the manufacture as a demonstrator when he tried relaunching it, unfortunately he died in a bizarre accident when he fell off a cliff. Easy build and lots of fun, was the wife’s main car while the kids were small enough to fit in the back. Made from a rotten mini I bought for £25 , a bit concerning driving it back as I could see the road rushing past through the floor.
  5. Certainly where some wild wacky home built three wheelers about in the day, mind you this one was a well known production kit the Stimson Scorcher!
  6. Just to back Andy up this is shown in the installation instructions (Dometic 10, can’t say for other models as have not looked) along with the alternative of making a hole in the floor to poke it through. From the installation manual below; Variant 1 ➤ Run the condensation hose from the refrigerator through an opening in the floor which goes outside under the vehicle. Wouldn’t do it on my van as it would come straight out into the wheel arch which common sense would suggest is not the best place to avoid road dirt blocking it.
  7. The finger prick thing took me back, I had to train pharmacy staff how to do them, so clearly had to practise. Had little holes in all my fingers and several in my index fingers, got fairly proficient in the end, could even get blood out of a stone!
  8. I’m still waiting for someone to tell me they love needles 😀😀! Fortunately needles don’t bother me which is just as well as I am sure most of you have noticed the number of times fluids are either being pushed in or sucked out of you is completely proportional to your age! I do wonder how those with needle phobias cope with any kind of hospital admission as it always seems to involve a cannula, perhaps they get knocked out with some form of inhaled anaesthetic.
  9. Bit off topic but anyone know why half of my post has disappeared?
  10. Viagra has been implicated in at least 1,824 deaths mostly from heart attacks!!
  11. The previous fastest vaccine to go through all the processes and regulations was mumps and that was four years! A long wait wearing a mask and not going out. I do wonder what the turning point will be for those waiting, what exactly will they be waiting for, what exactly will they consider to be an acceptable risk to go ahead and have the vaccination? Who actually reads all the potential side effects of any of the fairly common drugs we often need, either permanently or temporarily? Have to say I do and they are certainly comprehensive and usually a huge long list but peo
  12. Do you need to use the % on the code as I have just ordered using the ct15 code but no mention of the Luxury Caravan Wash
  13. Thomson springs to mind, if you google thompson caravans there is a very good resource with plenty of pictures to compare. Of course it could be something completely different but worth a look!
  14. The oval shaped units below the grab handle on the Bailey definitely light up, I see them light up when I check out the lights are working. Grandpa Steve has a Swift, so the mystery is with Swift, Bailey comply.
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