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  1. Sorry about the questions but trying to keep on the same page as no point creating/explaining all the same stuff. I live close to doncaster and was wondering if you guys know where I can buy a new battery locker door for the caravan?
  2. wierdly enough it fits perfectly except the windows drop down at the caravan side
  3. I currently have a used bradcot classic thats a tad to big ill look into making it smaller/fit. I've only had it up once while we was on camp so maybe I put it up wrong. Thanks!
  4. Does anybody know where I can buy a awning for this caravan, I don't want to spend any more then £300? I currently have 1 that my brother in law has given us but its slightly to big and doesn't have the window covers nor ground sheet etc.
  5. Thanks a bunch for the info it's the 1985 one with the bunks!
  6. I am trying to find some info on my avondale leda cambrian 4 berth apparently it is 40 odd years old but that's all I know.
  7. It's the actual housing thats broke when trying to connect the pipe back into the back of it I manage to push the filter and crack the brittle housing I will look into what you have said and get it ordered thanks
  8. Hi I was wondering if any of you guys know where to buy new housing for my water filter as I've just cracked it and is leaking water.
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