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  1. Thanks for the reply’s . No I didn’t pinch it I would of been 12 years old although that wouldn’t make a difference these days. The insurance company has took my name as I’m due to be away this weekend and said if I have any issues regarding being pulled and finding I’ve got a stolen caravan on the back they can confirm that they are waiting on paperwork to come through to them and that I am the new keeper just awaiting on the process of paperwork. Yeah I’ll definitely get something in writing from them. Owners wise it has 1 previous keeper assuming that would be the one who the caravan was
  2. Hi all new here and new to caravans I’ve purchased my first caravan all happy days and excited, got it home then someone mentioned about a Chris check never knew what it was so did a check and it’s been recorded so tried calling today for no joy but to send an email. Email returned yep caravan is registered as stolen 15 year ago and insurance payed out etc Chris told me the date, crime number, insurance company and insurance policy number. And it said in the email to ring the insurance company up and discuss it with them. Spoke to a nice chap from the insurance company turns out due to the age
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