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  1. We had a small water ingress on the front handles of our caravan which is from 1994. The screws of the handles were completely melted away from the rust. Not knowing if the wood panel was damaged i wanted to remove the front horizontal rail and take a look. It was a big job trying to take out many rusted away small screws. The sealant under the rail was fine and there was no water ingress anywhere else and the wood was in great shape where the handles were. (I guess the water just flowed down towards the inner plywood and did the damage mostly there. ) Had I known how hard it was to remove the old sealant and put a new one i would have never attempted this .:D Plus I am not confident if i did it as good as before. Also the new screws were not holding down to the old holes so i had to drill some new ones. Resealing seems to be an art that should not be underestimated.
  2. Thank you so much for reply. I am a bit slow in doing things, especially if I doubt the result will be better than before so finally today i got around to remove the old vent and observe the area. The hard wood of the roof seemed perfect, no damage at all. I actually started measuring a square cut for the new went but since i didnt have the right tools I gave up and resealed the old vent and mounted on a new diy cap from a yoghurt box Hopefully this should do fine until I get new parts. I also discovered a new leak and fixed it(hopefully). The sealant of the handles of the front were deformed and the water was slowly flowing through the screw to the interior plywood. It took me a long while to remove the handles and old sealants. I also managed to lift the plates and have a look at the wood; thanks god it seemed perfectly dry, hard and solid. Its either the water was somehow just following the long screws and effecting the inner plywood or the outer wood is so though that it takes lots of water to damage it. This is how the wood looked at the front. it seemed hard and solid.
  3. Hi everyone Hope this message finds you well. 3000km journey ahead in an hour (with two young kids) and I still can’t understand how many things work in the caravan. We have a 1994 hobby prestige 545. When I connect a battery(a big car battery-not agm) to the caravan things seems to work(radio-water pump-fridge) but I don’t think it’s charging when the car is hooked on and connected. I measured the volts with an amp meter and it is not increasing when connected to the car. Later I figured that the caravan has a device called matti automatic under the bed. I guess it is a device to charge the battery from normal electricity connection 230V. But it also doesn’t seem to work when all is connected. (The lights on it is not on) -and The amp meter doesn’t show an increase in voltage. There is another device called ps-134 regulated power supply which I have no idea what it does. I suspect it’s a regulator for electricity but did not see an effect of it in any situation. Lastly ignition -spark system seems not to work. In the past fridge used to work on gas, the stove used to ignite with the press of a button but now none of it seems to work neither connected to electricity nor battery. I could not find how the ignition system is powered, there aren’t any batteries around. This is a pity because then we can’t cook the fridge on the trip. Lastly I figured that after running the fridge on battery for half an hour the cables of the battery were hot. I am not sure if I dare to keep it on during the ride. But maybe should I? What if the charging only kicks in when the car has had run a long time(Passat b6), or after the battery voltage falls down to a certain level? This young family desperately needs some advice from more experienced caravaners. This is our first caravan and we have never been on one before. A billion thanks in advance all the best umit
  4. Thank you so much for this! Really appreciate it.
  5. I have just drove our caravan to Turkey from Denmark. Apart from a few km in Bulgaria the road to Turkey is almost a constant highway now. I have driven this route many times before(without caravan) and I would recommend the Serbian route if you are interested in getting to Turkey as conveniently as possible. Caravanning in Turkey is a quite new thing. Camp sites are hard to get by and even if you do the facilities in those are pitiful. Camping on random spots around is actually illegal but from what i understand from my conversations with officers you hardly get a fine for it, at worst are asked to move away. Turkey is in a deep crisis and the currency has devalued many folds during the last few years. Once the country of most expensive fuel in the world now a liter of diesel costs 0.68 eur or 0.59 pounds. Things are quite cheap so overall it can worth the challenges.
  6. Just a quick update from southern Serbia: as a first time tower I’m surprised how smooth is long distance towing. And my impression is that it is next to impossible to drive anything below 96km/hr on highways as Lutz implied. Even if my speed controller is at 93 trucks take me over without hesitation at first chance which takes minutes causing chaos at the back of the road. and it’s surprising to pay only till for the car so the driving is cheaper than I thought. car(1.9tdi) consumes 6.9lt of diesel per100 km which is also schocking .
  7. Thank you so much for this info. Soon I will drive from Denmark to Crete and i was seeing nighmares going in German autobahn with 80 km/hour and millions of trucks taking over me with 90 km/hr. I guess now i will tail one of them from a safe distance and just enjoy the ride.
  8. Last year we bought our caravan with a small water damage around the roof vent. It seemed super cheap and upon our sons joy of playing in it we just paid the asking price and pulled it home. It had recently passed road worthiness inspection so i thought it worths the money to try caravanning out. I had no caravan experience or have never been in a caravan before in my life. Driving it for the first time with our old car was a challenge. After parking it in a neighbours garden we just used it as a playground for the kids the past year. It stand there at the open under heavy danish weather. The seller had put a small plastic bag on the roof vent, that apparently worked and there was no more water inside. We couldn't make as much use of it as we would have liked to but its amazing to just pull it to the beach and have a picnic with our friends in style... So I put it up for sale for the same price we paid last year. There were tens of requests... One elderly couple who seemed to know a lot about caravans came and did a two hour inspection on it. They were impressed. At first they offered a lower price, we refused. They kept bidding higher and even higher than what we were initially asking. =) We refused and decided to keep the caravan. Apparently the previous owners were scared of the water that came in and just wanted to get rid of it. We naively bought it without knowing anything and have apparently been super lucky. It might worth looking into something with a slight water damage... It might be a leakthat could be fixed with something as simple as a plastic bag. Have a nice weekend All the best Umit
  9. Hi everyone, Hope you are all doing great. I am very new to the caravan life and need to do a repair in our newly purchased old Hobby Prestige from 1994. I would like to change a roof ventil. Its a small pipe type of ventil and i thought it would be a good idea to replace it with a large one. But now i look at it again I am worried that it would cause some unexpected problems in the future if i install a big roof ventil on an inclined area in the front. Do you think it would be ok? Thanks a lot in advance All the best Umit
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