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  1. Thank you I will have a look We traded a 2yr dealer special (avante) from prestons that we had a wonderful experience with going up to this level we were very disappointed with the our local dealer Wandahome all they are concerned about is the time & money it is costing them to rectify the issues but feel it’s acceptable Ive traveled 114miles & had 3 half day’s off work!!! I don’t need to bore you all with my rant but think you’ll appreciate my disappointment Thanks again James
  2. Thanks looked again on website & found it 👍🏻 Thanks looked again on website & found it 👍🏻
  3. Hi all new to these forums don’t know if I’m posting in right area? I’m wondering if anyone has a contact email for elddis? I recently purchased a new buccaneer caravan that was presented in a disappointing state & after 3 attempts to rectify the issues the dealer seems to think this is acceptable & main concern is the time & expense to themselves (that is only down to PDI/snagging list not correctly done in first place) & feels it quite acceptable that I’ve done 108miles & 3 half day off work backwards & forwards to pick the caravan up tha
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