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  1. I booked a site near keswick in the lake district this year for Christmas new year. We have done Christmas in the van several times now but struggled this year to get in any where when we started to look in September as our usual site has been taken over by the camping caravan club and not open due to refurb. my advice is do it as its great but certainly this year you may find that sites are all ready fully booked
  2. Never had an issue with the dpf on the x trail but did have to have two new turbos at £1000 each along with brake binding issues.
  3. A few months a go I had the same dilemma. Owned a nissan x trail diesel that I had from new and it towed our sterling 550 fine whilst getting approx 30mpg. in March I was looking at the new discovery sport and automatically thought of the diesal engine as that is what everyone buys for the better torque when towing. Unfortunately the issues around the DPF on diesal engines when you only do short journeys put me off plus all the current Talk around diesal and higher emission charges etc so I went for the 250bhp petrol engine. we have also just changed our van and now ha
  4. The moral of this story is take delivery yourself but if you have had three caravans now damaged at the same storage yard I think you need to move
  5. One thing I have noticed on the new replacement plate is that the tyre pressures have increased from 29psi to 34psi
  6. Just checked the front locker and it says 2000kg
  7. Yep double checked. Current mtplm plate says 1681kg. The new plate and documentation says mtplm 2000kg
  8. I purchased a new 2020 swift challenger 645 a few months a go which had a plated MTPLM as 1680kg. With one gas bottle and putting the awning in the car I just about managed to stay within the limit given the weight of the motor mover, battery etc. There is only two of us and we dont take a large amount of extras so it surprised me how quickly you can reach the max payload. when I purchased the van I requested a plate upgrade which I have just received today for no extra charge and it has increased the MTPLM from 1680kg to 2000kg which is a significant increase and maked me wonder w
  9. Bramcote mains near Bulkington, gold cassoa we pay £450 per year for 7m twin axle. Hard standing, cctv, key card entry but I think he has a waiting list although plans to expand.
  10. Anoys me when I see a site with a few hardstandings and a load of grass pitches that are either to small or very uneven to find motor homes including those small camper vans occupying a large hardstanding when they have no need for it as they have no awning etc
  11. Had my new Disco Sport since buying it new in March. Not had any problems and have to say its the best vehicle and tow car Ive ever owned. so many features, very powerful and you dont know our Swift 645 twin axle is on the back. the new model and design is pure luxury i did buy the p250 petrol engine though following reading about the dpf issues and I only do very short daily journeys. Happy to sacrifice a little mileage efficiency for piece of mind. my previous car was an x trail and two turbo’s later, binding brakes and other issues never again
  12. I cant understand those who have motor homes and then tow another vehicle behind. Just get a caravan. motor homes to me are just a expensive and inconvenient way to holiday. Got to pack everything away if you want to go out, find some where to park it which isnt easy at the best of times with a car and have to pay for an mot every year. caravans seem a more sensible option to me in every way
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