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  1. Personally Ive seen more problems on sites involving unruly ferrel children than dogs. Give a dog with a responsible owner any day than children on the next pitch or even worst families in tents
  2. Whats peoples thoughts on my experience with a dealer who we purchased a new van from last July. first experience was the initial purchase of a swift 645 in July last year. Having seen a couple of 645s and our van a sterling Europa approaching 9 years old we decided it was time to trade in. The problem was with covid and no one having stock I couldnt find one until I found one on line at a dealers about 130 miles from home. A few phone calls made and I arranged to take our van to the dealers and buy the 645 they had in stock which although was new had clearly been used as an ex display model but beggars cant be choosers. The dealer never advertised this fact and on inspection had to replace a stolen door knob and it had a few marks on the paint work. our previous van had always been well looked after and services every 12 months with no issues. We were due to go on holiday the day after so I was really keen to buy the 645 perhaps stupidly however having been given a reasonable pex price by a previous dealer and this one of between 8-9k I was looking forward to the new purchase. the day in question arrived and a 3.5 hour journey later I arrived at the dealership. our van was inspected and due to the condition and previous services I didnt expect any issues. the salesman commented on what great condition it was in and he allready had a customer who was looking to buy it. He then did the obligatory damp meter check which seemed to take a long time with me waiting outside. He then informed me that there was significant damp readings at several areas of the caravan and that given the extent of it he would have to sell our caravan as spares or repairs.I was totally shocked by this as we had never had any issues previously and the way he was talking the caravan was basically being written off. As you can imagine disapointed was an understatement especially as we were hoping to take our new van on holiday the following day having just driven 130 miles to pex. the sales person dropped the initial pex price of 8k to 3k and following a discussion with the other half I reluctantly agreed making up the difference in finance but thinking at least we now have a van to last us the rest of our time caravanning. Now comes the first issue. a few days later I looked on the dealers website to see our van advertised under the used section for £10,000 and it was sold allready. I feel like Ive been had over here but what do you think am I just being nieve ? The second issue is the new van developed a leak around the shower tray and having only used it for one holiday I could see the sealent coming away from around the tray. Despite several calls to local dealers I wasnt able to get the warranty work done local so had no choice but tow the van the 130 miles back to the dealer I purchased it from. three phone calls to explain the problem and they booked it in to hopefully be fixed the same day whilst wife and I spent the day sight seeing . Arrived the day as arranged and again informed the customer service agent what the problem was and left it with them. two hours later I received a call to say all the work had been done and they had re sealed the panel and ceiling ? Thinking the ceiling sounded a bit odd I asked her if they had sealed around the tray and she confirmed they had. i informed her we would come and collect the van in a couple of hours as we were just having lunch. on returning to the dealer the van was bought out and she handed me the service sheet which stated “customer advises shower ceiling is leaking” and the engineer stating the ceiling has been resealed and there is no sign of water ingress. I questioned the ceiling comment on the invoice and was informed “oh that just one of our engineers hes dyslexic” by now Im starting to regret ever going to this dealership but went and examined the shower tray to find that there was no new sealant to the shower tray and it was as I had left it still coming away in several places. The customer care lady then tried to blame me for not making the fault clear and that I had specified ceiling not sealant. Despite several minutes of arguing the point she was adamant that they couldnt do the work that day and I have had to come away with the van and tow it back home to return again in a couple of weeks for the work to be done again.. Another 240 mile round journey.
  3. Im currentim currently sat at Putts corner, Devon and with all the roof lights and windows open and a fan the temp inside the van is reading 36 deg. Not very nice
  4. Just an organised gang of criminals out for a days charity funding 😂😂
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. We have a mobile workshop who is an authorised workshop nearby. He is doing our service but said hes not authorised to do swift warranty work. Think I will contact Swift and see if they can assist otherwise Ill fill the car up and make the journey
  6. Last July we purchased a brand new Swift 645 from a dealer in Norfolk as our local dealers could obtain one and the dealer was one of only a few in the country who had one in stock. This entailed a journey in total of 260 miles as we live in Warwickshire. fast forward 11 months and we have a warranty issue with the silicon sealant coming away from a round the shower tray which is causing water to leak down the sides of the shower tray and out of the bottom of the caravan. despite trying three different local dealers they have all refused to do the warranty work as soon as I have been asked if the caravan was purchased from them. They have all said they are to busy to do work if it wasnt purchased from them. I am now left in the position of either re doing the work myself re sealing the tray which May invalidate the warranty and if their are any future damp issues due to the leak may not be covered or doing two return trips to Norfolk totalling over 500 miles with any future warranty work also causing the same issue
  7. My pet hate is service stations rhat have designated parking area for caravans that are then used by white van man or other thoughtless and inconsiderate idiots. we travelled to the North Lakes yesterday from the midlands via the M6 and pulled in to Keele services to find 12 designated caravan bays and only two caravans and a motorhome parked in the bays.. unfortunately there were seven other bays taken up by white van man, cars and a motor bike despite there being numerous free normal spaces nearby and a number of clear signs saying caravans only parking penalty of £100 for incorrectly parking. call it a little imature but i took great delight in putting my new found toy on the offending vehicles and watching a number of drivers retuning to their vehicle with a look of dismay on their faces. It was £10 well spent in my view and just a shame that these service stations dont enforce their own notices https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/323815105657
  8. Ive got a discovery sport R Dynamic petrol 2020 and its the best car I've ever owned. Not had one issue with it bow in over 12 months, the comfort and gadgets are great and you dont know our Swift 645 twin axle is on the back. Had a Nissan X Train from new before the LR and two turbos, seized brakes, leaking oil cooler later to the tune of about £4000 I would never buy a Nissan again. the majority of issues with LR seem to centre around the DPF issue on the diesel engines hence I purchased petrol. It may do a couple of extra mpg less than the diesel but no DPf or oil dilution to worry about all manufacturers have issues that if your unlucky to buy that one lemon it puts you off for life. Many years a go I had my first brand new car an MG ZS and to say it was a pile of pooh with one problem after another including a new head gasket after four years and a dealership who were appalling put me off buying new again for a long time
  9. I wouldnt wipe my backside with the Guardian news paper. Any paper that thinks the Labour party would be good for this country has about as much credibility as Dianne Abbott being a maths teacher. As for the BBC you can argue that they are either left or right but they were definitely biased in their reporting of Brexit and the government
  10. I changed my diesel x trail to a new discovery sport petrol. we have a twin axle and the disco petrol tows it far better than the x trail and more power than I need
  11. Given that the majority of people have been unable to use their club memberships for 9 months due ro lockdown rules will the CAMHC, CCC be offering any refunds on partial refunds to their members this year. We joined the CAMHC in July and havnt been able to use it since due to lockdown
  12. Have a swift 645 2020 and have read the previous threads around battery discharge and having the black button on the main power unit off to prevent battery discharge. our caravan is at a storage facility just up the road and up until this month I have had everything switched off however left the black button depressed . The built in solar panel has kept our brand new leissure battery topped up around the 12.8 level however the last week it dropped down to 11.2v presumably due to the lack of light/sunshine. i have brought the battery back home and charged it fully with a smart charger and it went back to 13.1v showing fully charged. 5 days later the battery is back down to 12v. I understand that unless I close down the main electrical board by having the black button out it will slowly discharge the battery however if I turn it off I am unable to connect to the caravan via swift control to monitor the battery. I also have the tracker system which they have informed me that the battery must be connected so I cant bring the battery home to leave it on charge for any period of time. is it possible to have all the power off and still use the app to momitor the battery level as it doesnt seem to connect if it is ?
  13. There are restriction on travel. Just because idiots chose to ignore it doesnt make it a free for all
  14. These people will be the same ones complaining when they have to wear a mask to the shops, cant book their summer sites due to restrictions and moaning that the pub is closed. The reason this country still has a high covid rate as opposed to countries like Japan, Denmark etc is we now have a country of spoilt selfish people who have no respect for the law or anyone but themselves
  15. The full awning size for your caravan is 991cm which would be the size you would need for a full awning the length of your caravan. You haven't said what make and model the air awning is however the measurements you have given would indicate it to be a porch awning which will fit your van and most others as the awning is not a full size awning. The only issue you need to check is when fitted will it obscure any windows, however as its a porch awning you have the option of manoeuvring it any where along the awning rail so hopefully you will find a position for it around the door without obstructing a window. hope you find that helpful
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