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  1. Given that the majority of people have been unable to use their club memberships for 9 months due ro lockdown rules will the CAMHC, CCC be offering any refunds on partial refunds to their members this year. We joined the CAMHC in July and havnt been able to use it since due to lockdown
  2. Have a swift 645 2020 and have read the previous threads around battery discharge and having the black button on the main power unit off to prevent battery discharge. our caravan is at a storage facility just up the road and up until this month I have had everything switched off however left the black button depressed . The built in solar panel has kept our brand new leissure battery topped up around the 12.8 level however the last week it dropped down to 11.2v presumably due to the lack of light/sunshine. i have brought the battery back home and charged it fully with a s
  3. There are restriction on travel. Just because idiots chose to ignore it doesnt make it a free for all
  4. These people will be the same ones complaining when they have to wear a mask to the shops, cant book their summer sites due to restrictions and moaning that the pub is closed. The reason this country still has a high covid rate as opposed to countries like Japan, Denmark etc is we now have a country of spoilt selfish people who have no respect for the law or anyone but themselves
  5. The full awning size for your caravan is 991cm which would be the size you would need for a full awning the length of your caravan. You haven't said what make and model the air awning is however the measurements you have given would indicate it to be a porch awning which will fit your van and most others as the awning is not a full size awning. The only issue you need to check is when fitted will it obscure any windows, however as its a porch awning you have the option of manoeuvring it any where along the awning rail so hopefully you will find a position for it around the door wit
  6. Ive had one of the suncamp style porch awnings and unfortunately the saying buy cheap buy twice is very true. Those style awnings with the thread through tent style poles are very poor in any decent wind. yes a second hand Isabella magnum may be the cost of a new suncamp but there is no comparison when it comes to quality of the fabric and strength of the poles. buy the Isabella and you will only buy once
  7. Totally agree with the above. When we bought our first van in 2007 after “just going for a look” at the NEC show we also bought a full size Bradcot awning and a porch awning for shorter trips. there is only the two of us and soon realised we hardly ever used the full size awning but wanted something a little larger than the Bradcot porch awning we had and still quick to put up. we sold both awnings and bought an isabella Magnum which I would describe as a large porch awning. 12 years later we still have it and put it up every trip summer and winter for a long weeke
  8. We are hopefully going away for Christmas this year in our new Swift Challenger 645 so I thought I would treat myself and spice it up a bit. what do you think ? https://flagpolelights.co.uk/mains-powered-digital-5m-flag-pole-led-dream-lights-rf-remote-controlled http://www.skyblueleisure.co.uk/acatalog/info_SB100600i.html http://www.skyblueleisure.co.uk/acatalog/info_9590.html http://www.skyblueleisure.co.uk/acatalog/info_9568_santa_windsock.html
  9. At the begining of the video
  10. Dave he opened the drain valve like you on leaving the site they last stayed at. Despite this he has still got a litre and half of water out using this. i take it you never watched or listened to it fully or you wouldnt have asked. any left over water no matter how little has the ability to freeze and cause damage just like your household pipes freezing. some people always know best
  11. Admin I posted this in the general Talk area and it disappeared so thought it hadnt posted hence I re submitted it. i now realise that you moved the post. Perhaps if you left the post with an entry moved to the tips section it would be a little clearer and prevent this happening again.
  12. Just seen this video on youtube and as well as a fantastic idea on draining down your caravan I cannot believe how much water is still in the system. Like many we just open the drain valve before driving home and believed the system to then be empty Admin Comment - You only need to post it once, there is no benefit it posting the same topic in multiple places on the forum.
  13. I booked a site near keswick in the lake district this year for Christmas new year. We have done Christmas in the van several times now but struggled this year to get in any where when we started to look in September as our usual site has been taken over by the camping caravan club and not open due to refurb. my advice is do it as its great but certainly this year you may find that sites are all ready fully booked
  14. Never had an issue with the dpf on the x trail but did have to have two new turbos at £1000 each along with brake binding issues.
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