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  1. The bit I left out, when we viewed the van we dealt with the owner of the company, when we were organising the collection my wife dealt with the site manager, she was so upset by his attitude and the way he spoke to her she complained to the owner. When we collected he was as nice as pie and couldn't do enough for us. Then when I come back to sort a few niggles out his attitude reverted back to when he wasn't face to face. When the wife complained the owner did say, if you catch him in the morning he's normally fine but gets grumpier as the day goes on and then laughed. So the owner knows what
  2. If the fitter was 1 of my employees I wouldn't of expected him to act the way he did. Like I said, perhaps my standards and what I expect of me and my staff is old school, but after 24 yrs in the Army you soon learn to respect people and understand how to behave around them. As for trusting this company, now I don't trust them at all. If there is damp, it will go back to be repaired, not interested in money back. But it will be followed up by an independant damp survey to give me confidence. If there is no damp, I won't be going back to them for anything.
  3. We viewed several vans the same. Same make and model and production year. It is a layout that we liked and only viewed them. They were all in the same price range, as in within £1K of each other and this wasn't the cheapest of those we saw. So there was no "priced to sell because of a damp issue". It was priced according to whatever trade pricing schedule they were using.
  4. No damp report issued, with hindsight, I should of asked but being new to this again it's something that I didn't really think about. We were a bit to excited to get another caravan. When we purchased it they said go away for 1 night to a local pitch which we've paid for and test it out. If there are any issues then let us now.
  5. Perhaps I'm just old school then. To be fair when you ask someone how they are if you've never met them before you don't expect their life story. If I met you in the pub and casually asked how you were would you pour your heart out to me in the first 30 seconds of meeting me?? Anyway, I have a damp meter now, and booked an independant damp survey so that I can have an independant report on my van. If there is any damp then I can go back with evidence that can't be refuted.
  6. I don't mind small Talk, I can Talk for hours about nothing, my wife will confirm, it's more the point that his whole chat was negative chat rather than a positive chat. I had no intention of getting the fitter reprimanded, more a point of his blase attitude to my concerns.
  7. Not sure if I'm expecting to much. I recently purchased a used caravan from a dealer, went to a site for 1 night local to give it a test run and find any niggles. We found 4, but couldn't return to dealer because of family emergency. But emailed them straight away with the 4 issues. Roll forward a couple of weeks and I drive back to dealer for an appointment to assess my niggles. Fitter comes out of workshop and addresses each of my points in turn, my main gripe is that he was blase about my concerns, Point in case, the gas locker locks are a pain to lock. The plastic cam rotates 18
  8. Well after lots of searching, the Mrs came up trumps. All the decent awnings I found were up North. But she found a Vango Air Awning 400 about 10 miles from home, as new. Went and looked at it today, it was in perfect condition and the couple who were selling seemed very genuine. So now we have our awning. 1 big item ticked off the list. 1 more big ticket item then it's just the niff naff and trivea to buy
  9. We had a family issue with my mum that meant we left the pitch early. There was no time to visit the dealer before they opened. Sadly yes, paid in full before first night. Only just getting back into vanning after a 15yr wait. Heres hoping that the issues will be sorted to our satisfaction soon
  10. Speaking of kids, in our last trip away with our OZTENT, we purchased our caravan during that week. Anyway, we went with friends in their motorhome. Pitches were double pitches with a high 5' hedge between pitches. So we arrived first and pitched out tent, an hour or so later our friends turned up and parked their big motorhome. We both hooked up the electric and sat under their awning for a brew. The kids from the other pitch behind ours decided they didn't want to walk the extra 30 seconds around our pitch so ran between our tent and the motorhome. Then decided to push their bikes
  11. Quite possibly but this lock issue isn't the only issues I have. i purchased the caravan from a dealer, they set us up with a pitch at a local site that night to test it out and make sure it all worked. We drove home and complied our list. Emailed it to them so we have an audit trail of the faults, booked a timeslot for the workshop to have them recitifed. Locks being 1 of the gripes and the trim around the door window having 1 of the 4 mounting tangs broken. Took it back to dealer, 2 1/2hr drive to be told to sort the lock nuts ourselves and to fix the surround did we want mastic or
  12. No, still matching keys and barrels across all locks. Sent a snotty email to manager about the service I received from the fitter who assessed my van for the niggles. Awaiting a response now
  13. Does this look like the same lock? At that price I may as well buy new and fix myself https://www.camperlands.co.uk/Caraloc-Bottle-Box-Lock.html
  14. My lock looks nothing like yours. There is no adjustment nut
  15. Looking at purchasing an awning for our Swift Solitaire, the top rail is 4.3m (I think, wife says 3.3m, van is in storage so can't measure today). Are there any brands to avoid or brands that are worthy. We've seen lots on FB marketplace, from used and tatty to new in box. 1 that keeps catching my eye is a Litchfield Dakota. But it's a brand I've never heard of. Just read the KAMPA thread about rips, but that will only be a very small proportion of awnings sold so not that big a risk. Also if my top rail is straight for the 4.3m, would you get an awning to fit the whole wi
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