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  1. Had my second pfiser jab last week. It seems that the side effects come with the second jab wheres AZ it comes with the first. But thankfully, I only experienced a pain in the arm for 24hrs at the site of the injection.
  2. I’m just trying to find a solution that suits my use. just because they don’t doesn’t mean you can’t. soneone has already mentioned nose weight, but there is a bracket for 2 gas cylinders and they’re not exactly light either. mice never said I would do this but I like to look at every option that is possible. the answer above has shown that someone else had the same thought process as me. they have found a solution that works for them which gives me other options to consider
  3. I fully appreciate the help and advice here. I just like to deal with sound legal advice. the law says it’s not forbidden which is different to you can’t. I asked wether it was illegal or just a caravan myth. A bit like the 85% rule. It’s not legal just good practice.. I don’t have a cavalier attitude to safety, I’m be a risk manager by profession. So I like rules that are black and white. Hearsay and good practice doesn’t wash in my world. There is legal and illegal. That was what my question was all about. im just looking at options and working out what works for me and my
  4. I’m not going to justify my question as I believe it’s valid. The front locker is not a gas locker, it is a wet locker. having been around rally cars for a few years and seeing the battery boxes they use when a battery is installed inside a car I know that they are airtight to prevent gassing off into the interior of the car. so a sealed battery box inside a wet locker should in theory be fine. the battery can spark away if it so wants and no gas can enter or leave. But to be fair if the gas is in anyway leaking then you’ll smell it a mile away. plus my current battery is
  5. Good to know. I’ll have to read through the build specs for my van. surprised the dealer fitted such a small battery then.
  6. 1, good to know 2, not that I know of 3, that’s my first option 4, any link to the law? Or just a caravan myth? 5, we have a favourite site in the new forest where it’s just pitch up in the woods. But we do visit proper sites where a motor mover just makes life easy
  7. Will have a google and see what modern vans are fitting
  8. When I cleaned the van before going away I finally saw the size of the panel. It’s not much bigger than an A4 sheet of paper. So I think it was more a fit a small panel to tick the solar panel box
  9. I didn’t run out of power but was paranoid that I would. Upgrading the solar panel would be good then. 20w is not much use. as for fitting a battery in front locker, I don’t see the issue. if it’s fitted inside a battery box it’s then sealed in so no issues. there should be no reason to keep playing with the battery and on the odd occasion I need to play with it. It only takes 5 mins to remove the gas cylinder . as for eating payload, that’s not much of a concern, weight isn’t an issue as I have plenty of space inside the prime mover. Which will either be a Defender o
  10. After being away this weekend off grid, I’m now wondering if my setup is suitable. i g he are a 2012 Sterling Solitaire. I gave an 85amp battery fitted. But thinking a second battery would give me more capacity. but I gave 2 questions. where to put it? Can place it in a battery box in the front locker next to the gas cylinders? or am I better off upgrading my solar panel? Not sure how big it is but it’s factory fit.
  11. Well went away and was off grid . Fridge was cool but not cold but to be fair it was cold enough to keep the Jack Daniel’s cool so all was good
  12. Not working properly mind. but will keep you informed about my progress
  13. Couldn't make it up. Drama continues So just home, fridge has been on gas for best part of 24hrs, it's cold but not proper cold if you know what I mean. But cold enough to use over the weekend. So we thought we'd turn it back to 240v to get it down to proper temp. Now it won't go back to 240v. So it's going to stay on gas now until we're done with the weekend. I know I'll have to turn the gas off while traveling but it's only a couple of hours at most. Anyway, while turning it over to electric, I thought I'd reconnect the connector in the outside compartment. An
  14. I can’t change from 240v to anything. But when I disconnect the connector in the side hatch the igniter clicks and fires up and the fridge cools down. but on the control panel there are no lit lights, but the gas switch flashes once every 8 seconds or so. mum away today but we left it on gas overnight. If it’s cold today we’ll use the fridge, if it’s not cold we’ll have to use our waeco camping fridge in the car. Not ideal but it ensures we have cold milk for breakfast
  15. It 240v supply was turned off so no mains power going in. I do have the batteries fitted in the rear of the control panel. So that’s where it’s getting it’s 12v power from. off to check it in a bit. Hopefully it’ll be proper cold.
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