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  1. Hi all, Not quite cookers & microwaves, but does anyone use an air fryer in their caravan? People keep telling us how wonderful they are at home, but we've not dipped our toe in yet - and then got thinking they may be good for the caravan, nice crispy chips on a winters evening etc.... Just wondered if anyone had a recommendation? Thanks!
  2. The West Yorkshire trading standard one is outside their office at Gildersome next to the motorway bridge if that helps anyone
  3. Hi all, Very quick question! Looking at a sites they often state that if your van is over a cerain size you uave to ring for availablity of pitches. When measuring the van, do I include the a-frame or just the caravan "body"? The a-frame often takes us over the max length. Thanks!
  4. Doh! Thats ***** up that idea then! Cheers Mr P! Maybe an additional length of awning rail underneath the main rail might not be a bad idea......
  5. Cheers Charlie, asked Whale about it but they said that wouldn't apply to mine as it wasnt a GT-65. Not particularly happy with that, but will follow up once the water problem is solved! Problem solved! For the benefit of anyone experiencing this problem in the future, here's what happened.... After I returned the new PCB i bought from Propex, along with my original and my zigbee 'communication' pcb, I received a call from Propex to confirm it WAS a faulty zigbee board so they returned my original PCB with a 'new' zigbee board (it was actually a used one as the push-in power connectors were a bit battered). Fitted them both back onto the Whale heater - not as technically tricky as it sounds - and bingo! Water pump is working and we have hot water again! Great service from Propex, highly recommend them 👍🏻 Biggest tip I could give someone about to investigate this problem - take 2 or 3 photos of your pcb and the associated wiring, so you know where to plug everything back in the right order! There are 4 individual connectors at the bottom of the board, 2 of which have the same coloured wiring, so I used a strip of electrical tape to fasten them together - that way, I know which is the right order. Hope that helps 😀
  6. Hi all We have a nice Vango air awning but rarely bother with it when we go away for weekends. I've seena few vans this weekend with those roll out "campervan" style canopies and think that might fit the bill for weekends. What I'm wondering though, is it possible to get a roll out awning that stays on the van permenantly, but will allow me to put the Vango air awning up without removing the canopy one? I'm sure I saw something like that a couple of years ago, but its hard to search for as I don't know the technical names for what I want!! 😅 Anyone have any ideas? Many thanks! 👍🏻
  7. Whale recommended I call Propex Leisure - just as helpful as the Whale team, instantly understood my problem. Their engineer thinks it's going to be either the water heaters PCB or the comms board (Zigbee) that communicates with the I-Van control panel. They sent me a new PCB which I received and fitted this morning, but no joy - the zigbee board is still giving a solid blue LED with no sign of recognition from the control panel. Called them back, and they said to send the new board back, along with my old board and zigbee board and their engineer would run tests on my boards to identify where the problem is and send me what I need. Although it's frustrating, I know PCB's don't last forever - this is in a 6yr old van so you'd think they'd last longer than that! It has been useful for me to understand how all the components fitted to the van actually workand communicate together - Anyway, boards going back in the post today and hopefully I'll hear from them tomorrow. The saga continues.....
  8. Managed to speak with a fantastic Whale engineer on Saturday morning. Tried every trick he knew but in the end his diagnosis was a faulty communications board on the water heater which of course he couldn't replace over the phone! It seems the "smart" IC control panel can't communicate with with the water heater, which in turn provides power to the pump so when I press the PUMP button on the touchscreen, the water heater doesn't get the message. That is also the likely reason that the the blue light is on constantly on the heater - a flashing light means it's paired to the control panel. However, he also mentioned that the control panel installed on my van has a known fault. It's the same version that was fitted to the GT-65 range around 2015 (same year as mine) where the digitizer seems to move across to the right, so the left hand side of the touchscreen works fine, but the right hand side doesn't respond unless you use your fingernail pushed under the edge of the frame to get it to respond. Apparently the GT-65 owners were provided with an upgrade kit to fix this problem. Seems crazy that a known fault wasn't handled like a recall notice on a car - if the product isn't fit for purpose it needs replacing. After all, these "smart" wireless products are useless if they can't communicate - wired heates wouldn't have this problem, and who does the wireless version help? The manufacturers - I couldn't care less if it's wired or not. A case of solving a problem that doesn't exist - in fact it creates a problem that didn't exist! So this mornings challenge is to try speak to Whale and discuss this faulty control panel and the communications board... let's see how good their customer service really is!
  9. No worries, I'm going to ring Whale in the morning so fingers crossed we will have a solution soon!
  10. Did you ever get this sorted Dicksplat? I'm having a very similar problem :-(
  11. Yep, tried that too :-( Jiggling the pump up and down didnt work either. Trying to figure out if the IC unit should have a flashing light even without the external pump attached. If it should , then it's not getting power as there is no blue light. The Whale water heater usually has a blue light flashing but that light is solid. Wondering if they've somehow become 'unpaired' from the IC control panel?
  12. thanks johnpat, even if there are no lights on the ic unit?
  13. Hi all, Arrived on site this evening, very poor signal so apologies if this has been covered but search times out due to signal quality so I'll keep this brief! Elddis Avante 2015 with Whale water heater and submerisible pump with IC unit. Pump light is lit on control panel, but no noise from the pump at all. Left hot tap open and turned off/on but nothing. The blue light on the heater that usually flashes is now solid blue, and the small yellow IC unit behind where the pump connects has no light at all (usually blue flashing). Tried holding down the callibrate button for 20 seconds but nothing. Fuse for "boiler pump" is fine. All worked yesterday although it did run dry for 5-10 seconds but I can't imagine it would kill the pump? My gut feeling is that the IC unit and the control panel/unit have stopped comminicating but no idea how to introduce them to each other again! Any advice please - you might just help stop a divorce.....!! Many thanks in advance
  14. As Iansoady says, I guess if a thief wanted to get in, a plastic door handle/lock isn't going to stop them! The only things worth nicking are the builtin microwave, and the TV that's connected to a wall mounted bracket, but's its still bugging me! There's nothing obvious causing it, other than the latch plate has a rounded edge but I guess that's intentional. I may have to just live with it.
  15. Alan, I had to replace a waterpump last weekend when we were at Grange over Sands, and there were 2 great places that both seemed to do repairs - Callendar (sp) Caravans near Lancaster, and Bardsea Leisure at Ulverston. I was amazed at how few places there were in the South Lakes area to get hold of spare parts!
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