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  1. Hi everyone, just wanted to update the thread - I ran some Scale Away limescale remover into the heater and pipework & left it over night. When I ran the taps this morning, so many chalky bits of grit in the sink & shower tray! Limescale just isn' t a thing where I live, so it could never occur to me that it could be such a problem! Anyway, this morning the tank drained so much better than before, but still only maybe a quarter of the tank? I disconnected the hot pipe to let air in and it drained great, so there is obviously something
  2. Hi Hayley, beat you to it! Peter was really helpful, so hopefully he's come up with a solution. :-)
  3. Spoken to Whale this morning - very helpful! First thing they suggested was to run a limescale remover through the system and let that sit overnight. If scale has built up sufficiently, it could be causing a minor blockage somewhere in the pipes or tank. Considering we bought the van from someone on the south coast, I'd expect limescale to be an issue so that's going to be my first job. If that doesn't work, he suggested that I open all the taps & drain valve as normal, then give the pump a quick blast to "push" water through the drain valve. Gravity should do the re
  4. I wondered that too, but there is absolutely zero mivent in both directions, and that's with 17 stone bearing down on it!! I didn't dare go any harder!
  5. Tried to release it this morning with a 14" adjustable wrench - it's not going anywhere! However, I did disconnect it at the other end where the braided pipe connects to the red hot water pipe. You were spot on. The initial drain let out about a glass of water then stopped. I released the braided pipe, and the entire tank drained, so definitely a vacuum of sorts was being created. Excellent stuff Silversurf, thank you. Will ring Whale today and explain what's happening to see if they can supply a valve. Will update as it progresse
  6. Makes sense, thank you. Actually, I did try to open the hot-out at the top of the tank - It would NOT budge! Only had a small spanner to hand so I think I will get the proper toolkit out and do it again tomorrow, Was a bit wary about damaging something, but presume it should just unscrew as normal?
  7. Thanks Silversurf, that's very interesting! Happy to fit one - is it a caravan specific item or would I get it from B & Q, Screwfix etc? Funny you mention the "occasional glug" as when I was messing about this afternoon, I noticed it did a single glug every few minutes which had to suggest air was coming in from somewhere! Tomorrows job then is to fill the tank again, open the taps and the drain valve with a bowl underneath and see what happens over 12 hours or so..... Such fun....!
  8. That's really interesting Jim, heater looks thebsame butine manual doesn't mention a vacuum relief valve. The van is a 2015 Elddis Avante 636 Supreme, so I wonder if it's a slightly older manual?
  9. Cheers Mr Plodd, yes i couldn't get the blue pipe lower than the drain valve. And someone has already addressed the drain valve :-)
  10. Cheers Jaydug - I'll ring them tomorrow as I'm baffled now!
  11. Bit of progress today - I've kind of done what has been suggested so far. I drained the system down again (in theory), then I disconnected the supply to the tank and with the drain valve open (but nothing draining) I blew into the pipe. I could hear a 'glug' as the air hit water, then a decent spurt of water came out of the pipe into a small washing up bowl. Did this about a dozen times and actually filled the washing up bowl - so much for the system being empty! Photo attached. Anyway, carried on until there was only air spluttering back out of the pipe. Now I kno
  12. I thought that might be the obvious answer!! Running out of ideas now other than to disconnect the water pipes from the tank, but no doubt I'd end up with water everywhere inside the van!
  13. Keep taps open in middle position?
  14. Damn, thought I'd sussed it then! Ok, when I drain the syatem, should the mixer taps be in the hot position or in the middle? Thanks for your help Jaydug!
  15. Could it be something to do with this on the pump? I noticed there a jubilee clip missing, could air be being sucked in?
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