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  1. Asking a favour of anyone who owns one of the 8 foot wide Coachmans. We have a 7' 5" wide Acadia and find the front slide out table to be rather lacking in width at 51cm. There is potential to gain an extra 9cm width in the housing but would need a matching table top to make a nice job. Not having any local 8 footers locally to look at I am hoping that someone might be kind enough to measure the width of their slide out table for me? Just as a guide. In much appreciation, thanks
  2. Hi, Like dave56 my first time out with new 575 and have the same control panel. The 4 buttons on the left are fairly self explanatory (could do with indication as to off/on condition). However, the battery button when pushed, lights up the whole array of coloured, vertical bars above (red, yellow and green)? Oh and whilst the water pump is running the green bar illuminates? Absolutely no explanation in the manual. Also have a solar panel with 'solar charger controller' which I finally discovered tucked under front seating. The user manual instructs you to download app that in
  3. Hi all, Been touring for 11 years now and have enjoyed and gained so much from various forums. So finally thought it's time I should sign up to the one I visit the most.
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