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  1. Like yourself I tend to look at other peoples aerials first, then point in the same direction. Once the tv is tuned in and a picture is on the screen I adjust the aerial very slightly left or right until the best clearest picture is received. I also have a app on my iPhone that you put your postcode in if that fails, and it tells your the nearest and strongest signal available, also shows horizontal and vertical. It’s called simply Antenna finder.
  2. I couldn’t tell you how long it lasts to be fair, And I couldn’t tell you what the drain would be as I’m not that technically minded, I’m sure someone would be able to work it out on here for you. The longest I left my own caravan was 5 months during lock down, and it was still transmitting a signal, it did go into sleep mode which apparently they do to conserve battery when getting low. As for hedgerowpetes recommendation on getting a dog collar which I never knew existed, I thought that was a good idea until I just checked and found out that they only hold a charge for between 5 - 10 days then need recharging, so not practical really. Where as with the DB-2 even if your caravan battery went flat as soon as your caravan was powered up by either connection to a car or a mains supply it would re power the tracker and send it’s location in real time. I personally think they are very good, and because it’s not a Phantom etc it will not be in a specific place in every caravan, where once you have found one you know where they will be in all caravans.
  3. I purchased the Netta one for my sister in law, must be over a year ago now and she loves It. It was the 1500 watts version and has the 2x hot plates on top, it’s in the link from Amazon that Brecon has give you above, it just plugs into a normal 13 amp socket, you might have to keep an eye on your consumption if running at full capacity, depending on your site supply and what else you have on.
  4. Mine has been like this from day 1 that’s why I tried a bit of grease, it’s due its first service in a couple of months will get dealer to take a look. Normally they have a clamp or cable tie around but as you see mine has nothing. My last van that I had for 15 years had no problems even when I sold it but it did have the winteroff hitch.
  5. Hi all, as anyone come across this problem and how did you sort It? my hitch lock gaiter gets stuck back in the compressed position 9 times out of 10 when reversing, I have tried putting a little grease on the shaft to help slide but no good, there is no clip cable tie etc on it and there is no where to stick one, as with my previous caravans trailers. I have checked the drain hole to make sure that is not blocked, it’s clear so not a vacuum problem. Do I have a faulty gaiter and should it have a clip around the end? caravan is a Coachman Laser 850XL Thanks Nobby
  6. I would suggest you give truma a call, I have had to contact them in the past and they were always very helpful and always sorted my problems out.
  7. I purchased some before from either Toolstation or Screwfix can’t remember which one, had no problems at all If I remember rightly I had to buy 5 or 10 in a packet, so had some spares for my next project
  8. If I’m understanding you correctly, you say your 13 pin vehicle socket is only wired for 7 that should be fine, you should have all road lights but no secondary circuits like battery charging fridge reverse lights etc
  9. Just been talking to a friend of mine, and he tells me that someone on his storage site has had his solar panel stolen from the roof of his van 😡 it was a proper factory fitted one, and only realised when like you his battery was flat. let’s hope yours is still there!
  10. I would guess you will only get 12 volt across terminals when you have pump on and tap open, otherwise pump would be running all the time. Not familiar with your system sorry.
  11. Just looked on Amazon and Rewire security are selling there DB2 tracker for £42.99 not £59.99 as I previously stated.
  12. I personally would recommend Rewire security and the standard model DB-2 tracker, it only needs a live and earth to power it up, and you can track it 24/7 you can buy it from Amazon, eBay or direct from themselves, if you do buy it make sure it’s being supplied by Rewire security and your not buying it through a third party. Unlike some trackers it will alert you when it moves, all you have to do is set up a zone, so if your caravan is in storage and somebody removes it you will get a message to your phone telling you it has left its zone. You can check it’s history it’s speed everything you could possible want to know and apart from the cost of the unit £59.99 it will cost you £5 a month for each month you want to track it, there are no unexpected hidden charges to be hit with there are other companies selling similar devices but I can’t vouch for them, I have installed 12 of the rewire trackers of various types on everything from motorbikes to caravans to cars and lorry’s and tractors, all have worked as they should all over Europe at no extra cost, you just download the GPS live app and away you go on the odd occasion I had to contact Rewire customer services, they were always very helpful and helped me sort out my problem, which was my fault not there’s.🙃again I think they are great but that’s my personal opinion.
  13. I had never bothered in the past but bought a new van and purchased 2 rolls, hopefully no more black streaks. After a couple of uses I was about to throw them away as I was fed up with having to feed them along the rail every couple of feet with the wife pushing me pulling, just hassle. I then had the bright idea of applying a squirt of thetford toilet blade silicon to the strip while coiled up on the ground, and I mean just a fine mist squirt to the strip, hey presto it now glides through the awning rail even around the bends, with just myself pushing it in from the front of the caravan no hassle. So if you feel any resistance give it a squirt job done.
  14. I did have a copy and probably still do, but as to where it is I haven’t a clue. I remember the first time erecting it was very confusing because the diagram was pretty poor. After that I done it from memory, I normally lay all the poles and joints out on the ground in the general pattern, I leave all the alloy ones and veranda poles etc in there bag until the awnings erected then add them after I would say 15 minutes to erect the awning then 1 hour to peg it down fit curtains install lights and carpet hanging pockets power sockets outside fridge etc. I will have a look for instructions but not sure where. Sorry I can’t be more help. Perhaps someone on here has a copy to hand, let’s hope for your sake.
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