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  1. I wonder if anyone knows where to get replacement genuine Swift parts. I’ve looked on many a website, and they all seem a bit poor. I’m guessing that maybe the non generic spares are supplied through dealers only? I have a 2011 Swift Conquerer 570 and need a new blind for the front high level window, could do with a blind plastic side / housing for the kitchen blind, need a new bin for the door and would like new carpets throughout.
  2. Hi, we have a Swift Conquerer 570 - 2011. The fixed panoramic sky light at the front, nearly went for a Burton on the M25 last weekend on our way to Devon. Thank the Lord for gaffer tape. Now back home, I’d like to re-fix it. The window is fine, just needs to be glued. I’ve bought some Sika EBT mastic in black. My intention is to run a thin bead around the edge and place the window in position and then finish off with a bead in the gap between the shell and window. Not ever having done this before, I’d like any advice available from anyone who has carried it out themselves, and answers to my queries below. I intend to use masking tape the external area, in case I use to much mastic. Do I need to remove the internal plastic trims and blind? If so, I’d like to know how the panels are removed. There appears to be caps, that I assume cover screws. Do I just prise these out with a screwdriver? I’m concerned that I might chew them up. Is Sika EBT the correct product? I intend to clean the old mastic off with a Stanley blade and some nail varnish remover, maybe white spirit and some alcohol sanitizer. Would you run the external bead straight after installation, or would you leave it to cure for a day. I’m concerned it may move or disrupt the meeting edges as I apply mastic externally. would you put masking tape in the corners, to hold it in place while curing? Should I use clear Sika EBT on the inside and just use the black externally? I’m concerned about the black mastic going on surfaces it shouldn’t internally. Thanks in advance.
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