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  1. Each to their own, have been to wild duck several times and thoroughly enjoyed it. It has lots for kids to do and a nice bar area. I think those that don't like it are probably caravan club types and for them it will be a shock to the system but for families with young kids there is no better place.
  2. Just popped back into the forum and can't believe this argument is still going on. I totally agree with camperdom so that makes two of us with the same attitude to towing mirrors. Totally useless, they vibrate like mad and as I have previously stated I only fit them to satisfy the law. I just cannot understand the need to see someone who is tailgating you and anyone who is a safe distance from me I am aware of their presence in my normal mirrors. If overtaking on a motorway I can see quite clearly with my door mirrors anyone coming up in lane 2 so know when to pull out. When I reach my destination other half gets out and guides me back safely so no need for mirrors at all. So Mr plodd I don't want to come across as irresponsible I just cannot honestly see the need for them but will carry on fitting them because they are a legal requirement.
  3. I just cannot see where you get dangerous from unless of course you are reversing
  4. I don't think it's a case of ignoring the law just that all mirrors I have tried either fall off or are that badly vibrating that they are useless. To be honest I can see all I need to see out of door mirrors so only fit extentions to satisfy the law.
  5. In 30 years of driving I've never had a puncture and wouldn't know if my present car has a spare or not.
  6. You have to fight for any payout from every jnsurance company its their default setting,
  7. Thought it was just me that thinks like that, I am shocked at the amount of people nowadays that are incapable of making decisions for themselves without consulting either on here or Facebook.
  8. R Kampa had my 390 pro 5 years now and been through all weathers and still looks good. Only downside very heavy
  9. I too have noticed and also believe it is point scoring against one another. Yes we are still known as the UK but I don't think for much longer. The appointed leaders of the devolved nations are using the pandemic as an excuse to flex their muscles and show Westminster whose boss.
  10. Same thing with me, 20 years with sky no problem then the dreaded Q. As you have stated I cannot get sound to sync and when I get close to it the next day back to bad. Also, mainly on sd channels the sound is intermittent and unwatchable, have been in touch with sky and no interest, apparently 20 years or 20 days we are all the same. The galling thing is the 4k and hdr are in my opinion no better than HD.
  11. But if you do that you lose dolby atmos
  12. Same here but the strange thing is when it happened on something In my planner and I tried again later the sound was perfect.
  13. We have towed with several motorbility cars over the years with no problems. Just asked if we could put towbar on and never been refused, don't understand about pro and cons because they are the same whoever owns the car.
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