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  1. That would be great thanks for your help👍
  2. Will give Vango a call thanks
  3. Thanks. These seem to be out of stock but will contract Vango direct
  4. I’m looking to purchase storm straps for the awning listed above and was wondering if any members had any of these lying around unwanted. I’m finding them difficult to source OR if anyone knew of alternatives that would connect to the fasteners on my Vango awning thanks
  5. Guys Problem solved Thanks for your help I went digging in behind the control panel and there is a1a fuse that wasn’t blown, I took it out to inspect and when I reinserted it.... wooosh the van came to life so must have been a dirty or poor connection so relieved😀
  6. i have checked the fuse and it appears fine. I borrowed a mattress meter and it now appears there is 12v supply reaching the consumer unit. I’ve yet to check if there is power to the control panel as that is totally dead. i plan to remove control panel tomorrow and see if the meter picks up any power. has anyone tried to repair one of these units? a replacement is just short of £300
  7. Yes thanks. The fuse is ok but I cannot switch the controlled panel on there is no power
  8. Yes thanks. The fuse is ok but I cannot switch the controlled panel on there is no power
  9. I have a Bailey Madrid S2. I purchased a new battery and decided to install it. Switched off mains in van Slid out battery tray Disconnected negative lead then positive. installed new battery in reverse procedure I then switched on mains... nothing!!! I’ve changed both fuses at back of battery box... Nothing!!! Plugged in EMU 230v supply and only sockets appear to be working The independently fitted motor mover works 12v so power is getting to the van. I’ve also checked the fuses on main board inc. van battery...All ok Does anyone have any id
  10. I am new to this forum and was needing some help with the correct awning size for my caravan listed above. The Bailey website states a1025cm should fit but I would like a second opinion from anyone who has or has had a Bailey Madrid s2 2013. Isabella awnings are quite expensive so I’d like to make sure the size is correct before I bite the bullet and purchase one thanks brian
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