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  1. Well today I managed to rub and roll the papery stuff off the foam strip with my fingers. Tomorrow I'll give it all a clean then wait for a nice warm dry day. I'll then clean and wax the paintwork in the area and add some double sided foam tape. Some silicone in holes then put it all back together 🤞 The foam strip is slightly arched so I guess the water just runs down the sides
  2. All seemed fine when I got back Quite strange
  3. Yeah mine has been up to now I'm wondering if I was drawing too many amps or something. I'll have another look later Thanks
  4. Can anyone tell me if I'm using the swift command to control the alde heating system, should the alde control panel turn off completely? I mean not just the standby screen but the power light and everything has just gone off. I can turn it back on by the power button but a few seconds later it turns off again. I'm not sure if this is normal? 😔
  5. Looking again in better light it doesn't look green. More dirty. The foam seems stuck well to the van. The reminiscent of sticky left on the front face is like a paper and seems I should be able to remove it with patience. I'm now thinking remove that then put some double sided tape on and put back together 🤔
  6. What about isopropyl Will that be OK to use to clean the existing sticky off? Just I have quite a bit of that
  7. Hmm yeah it definitely looks good with it on. I'm just getting impatient and a little angry about the way they've bodged it. The green mould is worrying me though. I suppose if I make sure I clean it regularly I should be OK. Yeah separate pads so the water runs out seems better 🤔
  8. Well I think I'll plug the holes with some sikaflex and stick some reflectors on top. Anyone know if isopropyl will be safe to remove the sticky?
  9. I've now removed the piece and yes it's one long piece of double sided self adhesive strip. The sticky has obviously failed. What I do not like is the build up of green I can see in there. I'm now thinking, although it looks nice I might not put it back on. If I go this root there are 2 small holes where the screws appear to be just self tapped into the bodywork. I've removed the screws and the holes are slightly proud but I've wiped and stuck some electrical tape over for now to stop water ingress. I'm thinking of filling the holes with some kind of filler but I would like it flattene
  10. In fact before I go to all the hassle of stripping it all off. I think I will use some double sided tape in the middle section and see if it holds.
  11. I've had a better look today. It's a continuous strip and I get it to 10mm depth 8mm wide. The bit in the pic I pulled off the end as it was loose. Just need to replace it with something more hardy now. I'm not even sure it was ever actually stuck to the fairing itself. I think if I remove it all I'll go with a few strips and leave some drainage gaps. Just wish I could find something to replace it with.Some decent 5mm I could double up would do. The only thing that wide that's self adhesive has rubbish reviews 😏🙄😕
  12. Yes, after you said there were 3 pieces it does seem strange. It's one continuous strip and around 15/20mm in depth. I'm really struggling to find foam tape or pads anywhere near the thickness. Your idea of sticking them together seems good though. Finding some nice thick ones on the other hand is proving hard. I'm still searching. I'd be happy to put 3 or 4 strips rather than a continuous one if I can find some good pads. I'm tempted to just remove it all together but that would be a shame on the aesthetics
  13. Strange as the foam behind mine is one thick continuous strip. Thanks for the advice though. What would be safe to clean the existing sticky off with? Isopropyl OK on the panel do you think?
  14. It's like more than tape behind there. There's like a sponge /foam strip that protrudes out around 20mm 😕
  15. Oh thanks I've found some double sided foam tape but I can't find anything anywhere near as thick as the strip already there. Could you point me in the right direction please?
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