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  1. Quick update, I bought a £10 MPOW Bluetooth 5.0 receiver from Amazon. Charged it (15 hours continuous and 300 hours standby) and connected to the caravan EC800 audio unit up in the locker via the 3.5mm jack with the included cable. Paired it with my phone. Selected Aux on the Caravan touch screen. Then played Spotify on my iPhone and it works perfectly. As a few have mentioned the Kenwood speakers are pretty tinny but works well for background music.
  2. Have a good quality Bluetooth speaker. Agree it is more for background and whilst sitting outside (low volume ;-)), thanks again all
  3. Thought as much, would be a nice feature. Thank you for clarifying for me
  4. Howdy all, Picked up a new Eccles 560 Hi Style. Wondering if Spotify can be played from an iPhone through the caravan speakers using Swift Command and the Bluetooth? searched the manuals etc and cannot find any thing. thanks in advance
  5. Thank you Lockin, yes seems the Freestyle is based on the Europa 495 and Charisma 555. The Freestyle however does seem slightly different to the MRP/MTPLM for these versions (see pic), perhaps because the FreeStyle is a custom build for Lowdhams so will likely have some slightly different fittings. Agreed, thanks. I will take it to a local weighbridge and load as needed to get this within MTPLM limits. Kind regards DLAU
  6. Howdy all, buying a first (used) caravan to test the water. It is a 2009 Swift Freestyle 495. The MRO is 1283kg. I have read MRO guidelines changed a lot back then (2009 to 2011). I am trying to understand if the MRO includes a full calor cyclinder (and anything else). Good news if it does as means I have more payload (MTPLM is 1490kg). TIA DLAU
  7. How often should these be replaced out of interest?
  8. Great advice 😜 Opens fine for me, much appreciated 🙂👍
  9. Thanks all :-) is there a good thread/checklist on 'dummies guide' to packing and pitching/unpitching? We will be taking the Cadburys Caramel approach to this (for those old enough to remember the advert) :-)
  10. Howdy all, just bought a used 2010 Swift Freestyle 495 from a main dealer to dip our toe in the water and try a few trips with our two dogs. Seems quite a lot to take in and a bit like a military operation lol. Booked a couple of CMC CL sites to try in September so will see how we get on... Looks like lots of newbies in the caravan world given the current craziness. Caravan and Motorhome sales at an all time high. Fingers x for smooth travels and pleasant weather DLAU
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