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  1. I have a 2013 Elddis Affinity 530 which came supplied with an Avtex stick aerial system on the roof. The TV signal was often pixelated and a bit rubbish tbh but we're not normally such avid TV fans anyway - we do listen to radio though and that signal was always OK. Our van was in for some work recently and the aerial was removed off the roof for a repair to be carried out. Its been lost and the workshop have apologised and are ordering a new one but have been told about 3 weeks. We're off to France in a few days and I would like the radio to at least work. Does anyone know what I can re
  2. We bought our second caravan in September 2018 - a 4 year old Elddis Affinity - having traded in a much loved Elddis Crusader which we had owned for about 10 years and also purchased from the same north-west dealer. At the time of purchase, we were assured by the salesman that the van had the remainder of manufacturers warranty. During the first year of ownership, we only managed to take the van out on 1 short trip about a month after purchase and found no issues of concern. The next trip was a longer European trip in August 2019 and we noticed a slightly sticky rear corner stead
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