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  1. I thought it might be helpful to update my original post which should of been titled “Driving back home up north ....” - I clearly had a typing fail! I was struggling finding somewhere to spend a few hours sleep when we docked from the Galicia at Portsmouth on Friday. I ended up using SearchForSites and found a car park at Marina Keep just 5 miles from port. A quick phone call to a lovely man who took our details and gave me directions. They don’t normally like taking caravans as there are no services and I think they have had some overstayers in the past but he was sympathetic
  2. We are returning home from Spain in a couple of weeks via the Portsmouth ferry. It gets into dock about 7.30pm and we have to get home to Lancashire. I am thinking that we might need somewhere to sleep for a few hours but I’m aware that not a lot of sites might be open due to end of season and it’s just as UK lockdown ends - plus technically we will be quarantining so it needs to be a short, quick stop. Can anyone recommend somewhere about an hour or so north of Portsmouth we might aim for to park up and rest? We would normally drive A34 up to Oxford and then M40, so something along A3
  3. Yes - Money Claim Online. It cost £120 which we were able to include in the claim.
  4. UPDATE. We decided to use the on-line courts system to make a claim for the full amount of the repairs needed to put our van in the order we expected at purchase. We gave the dealer many opportunities to help but they refused so we filed for the full amount. Surprisingly, within a very short space of time, they accepted the claim and have now settled in full.
  5. Thanks limecc - we borrowed a battery charger today from the site reception and it is working fine as you suggested. I had a bit of a wobble when I disconnected the battery because I assumed the mains power would just kick in. I hadn’t realised that a broken charger unit would have such an effect - I thought it would just simply not charge the battery. I’ve left the battery connected to the van and put the charger on a minimum feed plugged into the under bed socket. I’ve disabled the alarm and radio and tv aerial because they all seem to take battery power and we’re keeping the Alde system
  6. It just got a bit worse! The main control panel started showing the battery had failed and reported the voltage as 8.5, the flashing light on the solar charger had gone solid green for about an hour then no light at all. I have disconnected the battery altogether but virtually nothing in the van now works except things plugged into sockets - microwave, tv, kettle. The fridge has no power and neither does the main control unit for the Alde system, the radio is also off. That can’t be right surely - the van is connected to a working mains supply?
  7. Thanks for the advice. I have checked the mains charger connections and all looks secure but I have also looked at the solar charger booklet and I’m a bit lost with it. Its a Truma dual charger and the booklet explains the flashing light - we think it might be saying the battery is faulty but it’s hard to define the frequency of the flashing! When you are on pitch (or at home) and connected to mains electric, will the battery still be charged from the solar or will the mains take control? And does the solar equipment have any connection to the main charger unit? This morning,
  8. We’re travelling down in Spain at the moment so I have access to limited equipment and/or replacements but we seem to be having a problem with the battery on our 2013 Elddis Affinity 530. Last week on hook up at a French site with a minimum of 10amps, our fridge tripped out in the early hours of the morning and we would only get it working on gas. After a small panic, I sussed that the fuse had tripped and so reset it but I spent a couple of days thinking the fridge was at fault. On departing the site, our mover ran out of power and the lightbulb moment in my head pinged and I remembere
  9. I have a 2013 Elddis Affinity 530 which came supplied with an Avtex stick aerial system on the roof. The TV signal was often pixelated and a bit rubbish tbh but we're not normally such avid TV fans anyway - we do listen to radio though and that signal was always OK. Our van was in for some work recently and the aerial was removed off the roof for a repair to be carried out. Its been lost and the workshop have apologised and are ordering a new one but have been told about 3 weeks. We're off to France in a few days and I would like the radio to at least work. Does anyone know what I can re
  10. We bought our second caravan in September 2018 - a 4 year old Elddis Affinity - having traded in a much loved Elddis Crusader which we had owned for about 10 years and also purchased from the same north-west dealer. At the time of purchase, we were assured by the salesman that the van had the remainder of manufacturers warranty. During the first year of ownership, we only managed to take the van out on 1 short trip about a month after purchase and found no issues of concern. The next trip was a longer European trip in August 2019 and we noticed a slightly sticky rear corner stead
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