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  1. I noticed this on my Amara. In the front locker the gap , where the floor meets the front panel, was about 30 mm. I got some foam pipe insulation, the round stuff with a slit up the side and cut to fit. It fits snugly up to the front panel, and the mesh vents release any gas .
  2. I am thinking ahead to when we can travel overseas again. I am planning to take the caravan down to Spain via France and thought it would be a good idea to get a International Driving Permit ( IDP ) now . Three trips to the local Post Office revealed that I need one for France and one for Spain. Have other members who travel all over Europe had to buy an IDP for different countries ? I had a IDP 15 years ago and it was valid worldwide. ????
  3. Are Cadacs cheaper to buy in Spain ?
  4. G'day Take the plate off and get a copy made with the correct data on . Job done.
  5. I bought a 2012 Coachman wanderer ( based on Amara). When i got it home and put up the bunks to see how they worked I discovered that there was no ladder. It didn't bother me as we had no intention of using the bunks. Scroll forward 2 months and packing the caravan to go away .Putting the bedding under the front left hand seat and there, upright against the back wall was the ladder. It blended in with the back ground. worth a check .
  6. Thank you Fellas ( and Fellasess if applicable) . Brilliant info. I looked on the Safe fill web site and they have a euro map of fill locations in Belgium, Holland , Swiss but nothing in France or Spain???? Strange. Many thanks.
  7. We are going to Spain for the winter in our caravan. Is there any problem getting UK gas bottles filled or exchanged over there. T I A. Bob
  8. Hi There I need to seal around the outside top of my caravan window and 2 small splits in the fiberglass front panel. Can anyone recommend a suitable sealant ( white). I thought about bathroom and kitchen sealant, but reading the data it is not UV compatible. TIA
  9. Well, Hort2074 , I tried that, light stayed on , went for lunch, came back and light out !!! now all working perfectly. Must have been the Ham & Cheese sandwich . Many thanks .
  10. I have a 2012 Coachman Wanderer Lux 17/4 . Been away in it for a week and all worked fine. This morning , went out and noticed the Awning light above the door was on . Switch was in the off position . Operated the switch a few times , light stayed on permanently. disconnected from Main power, light still on . Removed ( 12v ) fuses for lights , and battery, light still on . Removed switch panel above door and disconnected wires from awning light switch. Light still on . Baffling!!!!! Any ideas anyone ?????
  11. Thankyou wildwood. I thought if i wanted to buy something and somebody had that particular item , it might prompt them to sell it.
  12. Are winter tyers compulsory in France and Spain. ?
  13. Hi There New to this site but old to caravaning. I Have found a for sale section here but is there a ' Wanted to buy section on this site' Thanks.
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