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  1. The shower riser bar in our Bailey senator wyoming series 6 is past its best and I'd like to replace it. A new kit is available through Bailey but what I'd like to know is how you remove the old riser, it looks like it's been fitted prior to the caravan being fitted out.
  2. Problem solved, cleaned the fuse with my wife's emery board and we're back in business again. A few spare fuses will be purchased.
  3. Is that inside the pump, do i need something thin to go in the hole on the bottom of the pump to turn the impeller.
  4. Hi, I'm away in the van at the moment and have no tools. Is there any way of testing that there is power at the toilet.
  5. Can you tell you I access the pump.
  6. Everything was working fine this morning but in the afternoon nothing. I'm at a loss.
  7. Would that also stop the reed switch registering the cassette is full?
  8. I unplugged the hook up and there was no dimming of the lights on 12v. I also got the watering can out and filled the cassette to see if it registered as full but again nothing. The fuse looks fine with no corrosion but it definitely looks like a loss of power.
  9. All of a sudden my toilet has stopped flushing. It's a Thetford C250. It was working fine this morning but has now given up. Any hints as to what the problem could be before I start ordering spare parts. The fuse looks ok but don't ask me to check anything with a multi meter as i don't have a clue how to use them.
  10. Hi All I have a Bailey senator wyoming series 6 and the specification says the awning size is 1088. I'm assuming that this is the ground to ground size. Looking online at awning sizes i reckon this is a size 18. I purchased a 2nd hand Pyramid Tuscany size 18 but found it a little short as the skirt doesn't lay down enough to offer adequate protection around the bottom of the awning. My van is on a slightly sloping pitch, would I need to buy a larger awning in order for the skirt to lay down properly.
  11. I'll need to pull it out first.
  12. Does anyone the make of the cd/dvd player fitted to the Bailey senator wyoming series 6 When I bought the van there was a disc stuck in the player, i managed to get it out but it won't accept discs now and I'm looking to replace it. Preferably like for like so that i don't have any wiring issues.
  13. Some lowlife stole the cap from my Water Hog last night. Can anyone tell me what size i need so that i can buy a replacement. It's the large cap at the top by the handle.
  14. When i have the toggle switch on fill and the levers on fill from aquaroll the pump from the aquaroll is inactive. When i put the levers back and toggle switch to run the pump in the aquaroll runs fine.
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