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  1. Patbhoy


    Went to the classifieds section but can't find any way to place an advert.
  2. Patbhoy


    I saw the classified section but i was unsure if I'd be allowed to lost items for sale on it.
  3. Patbhoy


    Is there a section on here were you can advertise caravan related items for sale?
  4. Is there a site were you can search tow cars by kerb weight.
  5. I've bought a 2008 Bailey senator wyoming series 6 and need advice on what tow car I'd need. The details of the caravan are Mass in Running Order: 1435 kg or 28.25 cwt Maximum Technical Permissible Laden Mass: 1678 kg or 33.03 cwt Can anyone advise as I don't think my 2017 Honda CR-V 2.0 petrol is up to the job.
  6. My van is a 2008 Bailey senator wyoming series 6 and the cooker is a Spinflo Midi Prima MkIII I have very poor gas flow to the grill so can only assume its the jet that feeds this. The four burners on the hob work perfectly.
  7. Can anyone tell me how to access the jet?
  8. Thanks but i think these only fit an aquaroll. The waterhog has a much larger opening.
  9. Funny, that was my first action but as I didn't have any success i thought I'd try the friendly folk on here but there's always one who thinks they know better.
  10. Unfortunately it's for collection only.
  11. Tried this but not having any success. Can't find it on ebay.
  12. I've been looking to buy a new dust cover for my water hog but they seem impossible to find. Can anyone tell me where i can get one to fit the larger opening on a water hog.
  13. The shower riser bar in our Bailey senator wyoming series 6 is past its best and I'd like to replace it. A new kit is available through Bailey but what I'd like to know is how you remove the old riser, it looks like it's been fitted prior to the caravan being fitted out.
  14. Problem solved, cleaned the fuse with my wife's emery board and we're back in business again. A few spare fuses will be purchased.
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