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  1. Johnaldo that’s the sensor for the alarm
  2. It is indeed above where the microwave is so that must be the vent for it. Shower is at the other end of van. Thanks all
  3. I have an elddis affinity 574 2016 and there’s a vent on the roof which I’m not sure what it’s for. It’s on the opposite side to the boiler and above the sink area. Anyone know?
  4. In the cupboard behind there’s a angled metal plate which it’s secured through
  5. In the caravan I’ve bought there’s a bit on the wall. I want to put a tv up but don’t know if what is left is just part of a bracket or if it can still be used? It’s in a 2016 Elddis Affinity 574
  6. Just bought a caravan so everything new to me. My electric connection to towbar is the quarter twist style. It is very stiff and difficult to connect or remove. Can the outside surface be lubricated at all to ease connection
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