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  1. Since Eastern Europeans tend to be hard-working tax paying people, many of whom did the jobs that Brits consider themselves too good to do, why would be foolish enough to close the doors on them? How interesting it will be for all the Brits to find the European doors now closed on them working and living overseas.
  2. According to his vet in the States there is a company which makes them ...... But, your mail made me think. I cannot see anything UK internet which suggests that there is the same here. I will phone his British vet today and then let you know the result. If there isnt, then darn it ....... Thought I had got this situation covered 😟
  3. There are already plans afoot to close the door on so many of these loopholes. Many things will look very different in the next two years.
  4. Since many councillors are also business owners in their areas, giving them the opportunity to keep businesses open would have meant their completely disregarding health issues in favour of the money in their pockets.
  5. When we bought a holiday apartment a few years ago, we were given a very useful piece of information. Never buy anywhere that you cannot get to within a couple of hours because you won't get enough use out of it. It was lovely to get into the car on a Friday evening and two hours later be on the coast. Ask yourself this, if I buy somewhere a 5 or 6 hour trip away, how often are we actually going to go? Or are you hoping to do the American retiree thing where they spend the winter six months in Florida, and the summer's up North?
  6. Still deciding if I want to bother. Will be getting a decent system for 4G. Having the internet is my priority. I can always watch a movie using laptop and projector screen. I do find that being disabled I watch TV far more than I ever did, although a good book will always be my thing.
  7. It may well be that this isn't an option ..... But wouldn't you be better staying at home in the warm until you have got the caravan up and running? Or do you have a friend that will put you up for a week to give you time to get heating etc in place? Good luck 🍀
  8. Visited Sandringham in the 80's ..... Absolutely beautiful. One of the party then suggested that we might want to see Hunstanton ..... From the sublime to the ridiculous.
  9. Would an electric blanket be viable for cold nights? When I was a student it was the cheapest way to keep warm. I just don't know how many Amps ..... But I would have thought pretty low. Did a quick check - most are under 1 Amp.
  10. On the other hand, it could be someone like myself who suffers from chronic pain and sometimes can barely manage to put the kettle on.
  11. Very sorry to hear about this 😟. Apparently, Covid has meant that there has been a huge demand for used caravans, and the shortage has pushed the prices a bit higher. We will keep our fingers and paws crossed for you that the police find it quickly and no damage done.
  12. Interesting ..... I had planned to use a dehumidifier also.
  13. If any of the Air Force guys had to work Christmas Eve, we all explained to the little ones that they were needed to help Santa because his Gnome Positioning Service didn't always work properly (too much egg nogg!). They were so proud that their Mums and Dads were working with Santa!
  14. Am thinking that I may try to get him used to wearing a harness but he's never worn a collar and in fact, struggled himself out of every one I ever tried, within an hour. I am going to attempt one night and see how it goes. He's lived in four different homes and has insisted on going out immediately but always returns within an hour. Even so, I am going to get him microchipped with a GPS tracker just in case he does get out. He's a pure "James Bond" cat though ..... Charming, but lethal ..... Spends his time either out on adventures, or in bed ..... Has seduced four of the old ladies on th
  15. I too have just bought a Swift Sprite Major 4EB. I paid £20,000 but that included a larger solar panel, upgraded upholstery and fittings, extra sockets, extra lights, customised shelves in the bathroom, security package, and a leisure battery. I suspect that given I paid £1,500 more that we probably got roughly the same. It was naughty that the sales people didn't warn you though. I asked if there was anything else I would need and he went down a list with me.
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