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  1. 1 hour ago, Paul1957 said:

    I am still a bit confused, are you saying now you have solar with its batteries with an inverter which just supplies 240 volts ac. As well as this you have the original 12 volt system which is supplied by the 12 volt battery and the battery charger/fusebox is supplied through the inverter with 240 volts.


    If I understand correctly, the change you want to make is to remove the single 12 volt battery and instead run the existing 12 volt system direct from the solar batteries. If these are also 12 volt batteries, what stops you connecting the single battery fittings to the solar batteries, with possibly the need to disconnect the charger ?

    Yes that’s exactly what I’m trying to do. My concern is as had been stated about the fact this is a 12v system that the lights run from and maybe too thin cable wise to connect in my 240v system which would mean lots of new wires etc.

    I had wondered about as you suggest connecting this circuit directly to the bank of batteries which are 12v but was worried I may cause a loop and then short it all out.

    Ive found the wiring diagrams now so think I can do that without causing a issue. Provided I leave this battery separate and connect it straight to the mppt charger not into my bank of batteries. 
    Thank you for the brain storm guys.

  2. I don’t think I’ve been clear enough. It’s me who’s wired the system into solar as I have no mains hook up where it is. My small holding is all off grid. The electrics are all the same no wiring has been changed bar at the back of the fuse box where it would originally go into mains it’s now going to a inverter instead. 

    So I’m not looking to restore it all I’m looking to take this separate circuit that the lights and pump are on that currently run off a separate 12v battery. Then I want to do away with that separate 12v battery and wire the lights and pump into the same circuit at the sockets etc. All a bit of a mind boggle I know 😂. So I’m looking for the positive and negative that are at the end of the line of the light circuit and want to hook that up to the fuse box on the main circuit.


  3. 9 hours ago, Paul1957 said:

    Are you wanting the 12 volt dc lights/pump to run on 240 volts ac or are you going to put something between the 240 volt ac supply to reduce it to 12 volts dc ?

    It’s all been hooked up to a solar system and inverter as totally off grid now. So the mains circuit is running from that.

    Just seems pointless to have a bank of batteries running one circuit then a single leisure battery running just the lights and water pump. 
    So wanted to bring it all in together. 

  4. Hi, not sure if anyone can help with a wiring diagram of a 1996 Avondale caravan please? I’d like to join the two existing circuits togeather so all the lights and pump which are off the battery are also run from the mains power.

    Is this possible without putting a whole new lot of wiring in please?


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