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  1. Adding 2 stroke was a big thing on the MK3 mondeo owners group when i was on there, i never bothered myself but most people who did, swore by it. Not something i'd fancy trying on my 4 year old mondeo either..
  2. There is supposed to be a software fix for the indicator warning issue.
  3. I was hit by a foreign lorry driver in 2009 and direct line were faultless back then in regards to taking care of the car & hire car etc.. although it did take 10 months to get my excess back because it was an overseas driver. My premium double at renewal so i didn't renew with them. My latest claim was 2017 when i was rear ended, hastings direct were as smooth as direct line. They refused to offer me a renewal quote that year. Currently with directline again, not had to claim. They have been the cheapest for two years running by around £300 but will see what happ
  4. Well i never knew my mondeo was an executive car 😎 Another thing that bugs me with surveys like these, Yes lexus came out on top but how many new lexus cars do you see driving around compared to VW, ford & vauxhall for example? If other manufacturers are selling more cars, surely there are more cars to go faulty. Its the hotpoint washing machine syndrome IMO.
  5. The 520d m-sport touring was on my list of cars when i was shopping for a new car at the start of the year but i found insurance costs to be a joke. The 530d SE or luxury were both half the price to insure of the m-sport, which were both £400 more to insure than a ford mondeo. Of course, everyones circumstances are different but worth checking the bmw tax when it comes to running costs.
  6. I've had two insignia's, neither of them had kerbweights as low as the ones you are stating. Both of mine were 1701kg on the logbook, you are looking at the facelifted models which vauxhall saved weight on but only brought them down to circa 1600kg. If i were you, i'd go and look at the cars and not rely solely on the info online.
  7. The 1.6 petrol would be a good car but i have never seen one in the UK, i can only assume we didn't get them, they are popular in europe & other markets tho. The 2.0 is available here but nowhere near as popular as the diesels
  8. The 1.6 diesel insignia has around 136bhp, the 1.6 biturbo cdti has 170bhp but was never fitted to the insignia, the only 170bhp version was a 2.0. the 2.0 came in 120,140,160 & 170bhp on the facelifted models. I'd go for a 160 or 170 2ltr model, they have a better gearbox. Also to add, i don't think i have ever seen a quoted towing figure for a 1.6 insignia
  9. Some dealers word it badly, on purpose almost. My sister took her skoda citigo to skoda for its first service about 4 years ago, they reported the pads were "worn by 20%" she read that as they are nearly finished and paid for new ones 🙄 they still had 80% of servicable use left.
  10. I used to work in a garage as a teenager but soon moved on, i still service my own car and do basic jobs but if the job looks a pig to do, it goes to the garage.
  11. I remember reading about this in a fishing magazine, i would have been younger than 13 at the time, so at least 20 years ago.
  12. Putting aside the weights etc.. i'm not sure the mokka would be a good car for caravanning anyway, since you said you need 4 berth i'm guessing they'll be more than 2 adults going. The mokka boot space is tiny so would soon fill up with the equipment needed. If your in a position to change the car i probably would. You get the picture i'm sure.
  13. Possibly a transmission or petrol/diesel thing?
  14. The lights to tell you of a regeneration taking place are usually your last warning to allow it to complete the process before you start getting knocked into limp mode. The process was more than likely disturbed (engine turned off) a few times previous
  15. Not to hard on the maths, my dad was born in 1954 lol. I wasn't expecting so many replies thank you all. It's great to see plenty of folk starting out in their 30s or even earlier and also plenty who have made the move from tent camping, like we'll be doing. We've had two trailer tents, i sold the first one to make way for the second one but i stored it at a relatives house and the top cover blew off in really heavy wind & rain. It was ruined. Back to a regular tent now, airbeam setup.
  16. I was having a conversation with a work colleague a few weeks ago and when i mentioned i plan to get a caravan in the not to distant future he said, aren't you abit young for a caravan 🤨 which got me thinking. I'm 33 now and plan to get a caravan before i'm 35, so at what age did you start caravanning and how old are you now? Why do i want a caravan, well my grandparents always had tourers when i was a kid and with me & my sister been their only grand kids at the time we were always in tow (pun intended) , eventually they had their van sited permanently in skegness
  17. Costco tyre fitters are swines for only fitting your new tyres to the rear, i vaguely remember them saying that it's a policy michelin tyres adopts as they seem only to fit michelins. I have been using tyre shopper online for a good few years now, which use national tyres as their fitters, you just tell them front or rear & job done. My current car has a non popular size & tyre shopper only have a small range available so might have to shop further when the time comes
  18. You would need to pass C1+E to gain B+E. If you just do C1, your B entitlement will not change.
  19. Most cars & vans can not get anywhere near enough heat into the dpf to passive regen. Most of them are active regens only by adding extra fuel to increase the temps to 600c plus, hence why you can smell it. It always makes me giggle when people say they drive down the motorway in a low gear keeping the revs high, why? All that does is adds more soot content to the dpf and wastes morrison's finest blend. The dpf systems are controlled by the ecu, it decides when to regenerate, requiring no input from the driver. There is to much misinformation regarding dpf's on th
  20. My grandad used to tow his caravan with a 1.6 L-reg nissan primera.
  21. My bad, i assumed all drivers, driving on a provisional for any category needed to be supervised by a proper instructor. I know some hgv drivers who can barely supervise themselves, wouldn't like to think they could take someone out on L-plates.
  22. Not on the motorway though, unless you are accompanied by a driving instructor.
  23. If you are considering changing the car to get the bigger engine, it might be worth considering changing to the heavier skoda superb too?
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