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  1. At present we don't own a caravan but we go camping often, rarely in the UK since 2015 though. When we make the upgrade to a touring caravan, apart from the odd trip to skegness for some fishing, it will probably be france and spain. My parents live in spain. My favorite place for none camping holidays is turkey, i first went in 2001 when i was 14. We were there when 9/11 happened. We got back from turkey just under two weeks ago, we took a risk and booked flights at the height of lockdown. The total cost was £1375 for 5 of us ( 2 adults, 3 kids) for 10 nights. Flights, hotel, transfers & airport parking. Bargain. That was my 26th visit to turkey. I love the UK but to many times have our trips ended up been a wash out due to the weather. Although cornwall will be on the cards when we have a caravan.
  2. By rear seats, i mean the seats in the boot (7 seater) if using all 7 seats boot space is 295 litres which is good for a 7 seat car.
  3. Ford S-max? If the rear seats are not used then boot space is good
  4. I personally don't think an infrastructure for everyone to charge or at home is feasable, nor at work for that matter. The companies producing these batteries and chargers need to find a way to charge them, in a similiar amount of time it would take to brim a car petrol/diesel tank. My opinion of course. Also i don't know about my current car but my previous car had a stated max range of 890 miles on one tank, i only ever managed 780 miles but even for the best electric car, you'd have to stop and charge 3 times to get that kind of mileage and charge times are far longer than the 2 minutes to fill a fuel tank.
  5. The mk5 mondeo hatchback or estate are nice. Would need to be a 2.0 diesel as the 1.5 & 1.6 diesels are not rated to tow anything more than a garden trailer. The 1.5 petrol i think is 1200kg for towing. There is a 2.0 petrol, not sure of its towing ability but it can tow a good sized caravan.
  6. I passed my CE in an automatic but can still drive a manual HGV because i have a manual B licence. I believe if your B licence is auto only then so would be your C, D licence etc...
  7. The 2.0 tdci mk5 mondeo estate from 2015 onwards have a kerbweight just under 1600kg. The 4 wheel drive versions a little more
  8. I have had two glass claims in my 16 years of driving, one rear that just randomly smashed in winter when i closed my drivers door and the other when someone vandalised it by putting 1/2 a concrete fence post through the windscreen. Both times my premium increased by around £200 but i was under 30 at the time (33 now) so any excuse to screw the young ones from an insurance point of view.
  9. You can buy adapters for the leads. I'll let superb owners comment on the car itself as i have no experience but i do believe the 2.0 engines (petrol & diesel) are good for caravan towing, the 1.6 might need to be worked abit harder.
  10. When i was looking at replacing my insignia in march (just before lockdown) i was looking at the ford kuga, sportage etc.. and the boot space compared to a normal estate car was poor ( in my opinion) I was hoping to get a sorento or sante fe but a good one was out of budget. I settled on a 66-plate mondeo estate 2.0tdci titanium ( DAB, Sat-nav etc..) for £11000. Paid £8250 with covid discounts and my part-ex. A very nice comfy car. Apparently, the hatchback has a bigger boot but its the shape that of the boot that can make the difference.
  11. The hill leading away from rochdale or the one up away from brighouse 😂 both are long old slogs
  12. If your caravan had its own insurance policy then does your car insurer really need informing? Unless it was coupled to the car at the time?
  13. Dave87

    Mazda CX-7

    Ah fair enough. I know the none 4wd version like mine is just under 1600kg with a tow limit of 1650kg. I think the 4wd drive versions are a shade over 1700kg so yeah probably a little lightweight.
  14. Dave87

    Mazda CX-7

    What about the mk5 mondeo estate? There are also 4wd versions available
  15. What year is your car? I know the earlier models had a rear fog light in the lower centre of the bumper which a towbar would block, if thats the case with your model a removable towbar might be needed.
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