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  1. I think you already had a good cheap towcar, the duster.
  2. Is the diesel version of your current car not suitable? Or do you just want a change of car completely?
  3. Same, i'll change mine before we head to switzerland next year.
  4. Mine has the ring of stars and GB below it, i tried to add a picture but its too large to post on the forum. I assume it would need changing from GB to UK to travel outside of the UK? There are an awful lot of vehicles in the UK who have the same plate style, i assume they don't need changing unless you plan on taking the vehicle outside the UK?
  5. The mk5 mondeo (current model) is 2330kg for a 2.0diesel estate, the smaller diesel engined models are only rated to tow 400kg but on a 5k budget would be a struggle I think the mk3 mondeo was a good match for B licence holder being able to tow 1500kg
  6. There is a similiar issue with the MK5 mondeo, i wonder if the rack manufactuer is the same.
  7. Dedicated electrics don't just turn off the reversing sensors they also make sure things like trailer stability systems are working, with the universal bypass relay stuff the car won't actually know you are towing so stability systems will act differently should you need to take any evasive action etc...
  8. When we were camping in south west france a couple of years ago there was a family in a caravan two pitches away, they packed up and hitched up the evening before, as they were leaving early however at 5am they were incredibly noisy, banging doors & lockers, arguing with each other and waking the entire site up. They had bought, from a carrefour 3 bamboo poles with canisters on the top that you fill with lemon scent and burn the wick at the top to keep the bugs away, they left them behind, they live in my garden now (the bamboo poles, not the caravanners) If you're reading this, you are noisy but cheers for the garden furniture
  9. I passed in 2004 and have B+E as a side effect of being a hgv driver but have no training on car & trailer safety etc.. just learn as you go
  10. I think halifaxdan tows with the van based spacetourer
  11. the extra strain of towing might be causing a suspension/subframe bush to squeak?
  12. Dave87

    B+E test.

    Unless you gain B+E as a side affect of having C+E like myself then you get manual BE. I bet there are plenty of drivers who have passed BE in an auto and are unaware they cannot drive a B+E combo in a manual but are driving the combo around illegally
  13. On my old insignia the bypass relay was butchered into the wiring on the nearside behind the boot carpet as there is also a fuse/relay board there too.
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