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  1. Hi. I have 2000 swift challenger 480se 2 birth and need to replace boot and large skylight struts. The part numbers seem to have worn off, don't suppose anyone knows the spec or part numbers and best place to buy? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks again birdman101 I've ordered 12v 2.3w W2x4.6d Capless Bulbs 286x. They seem to be the right spec for bulbs as couldn't find what type of led to fit. Fingers crossed they work
  3. Thanks all. The image attached shows one of the bulbs, are these a capless bulb or led? Don't suppose birdman101 you have a link on ebay or amazon with the right type? Thanks again.
  4. Hi. Hope someone can help? I have a 2000 swift challenger 480. The high level brake light has stopped working and seem to have water ingress. The seal and light framework are all fine but it seems the bulbs need replacing. Does anyone known the bulb spec? The part number of the housing is 146 334 and a hella unit holding 7 bulbs, the unit also quotes 12v 2,3w 1,5cp although can't seem to find what these should be online. Looking to fit new bulbs instead of replacing whole unit of possible. Many thanks
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