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  1. Visited the van yesterday (son's van in storage). So here's the latest. Eddie, I submitted the question on th Swift contact page site. No reason to believe it didn't go through but they say up to 5 days for response. I intend ringing them today. Lockin / Arrand, checked all around the van (again), still no sign of the rocker switch. There is a fuse in the Ultrastore which I checked and replaced. There was a white cable which I traced as far as I could. It went behind the front cabinet where I lost sight of it. There are two sets of instructions which seem to contradict each
  2. Thanks Ericfield. We were out in the van last week pitched opposite a 2012 Challenger. He had a switch for the electric exactly where you describe. Wish it were the case for the 2010.
  3. Thanks for the link Joani but it's not answered my question. Not in the van at present Legal Eagle so I may be mistaken about green but all lights on the PSU are on. Unfortunately the only controls I can find are the ones labelled Ultraheater which has 3 settings - 500, 1000 & 2000 which must relate to the heating, and one labelled Ultrastorage. This has "O" for off and a gas symbol plus a rotary temperature control. This controls water heating by gas. No other controls within the vicinity of these. To my mind and indeed according to the operating instruction there has to be a fused
  4. Update. 😢 Not in the wardrobe
  5. Thanks to all for your responses. Tank is full and generating hot water off the gas. Yes connected to the mains and the water heater button in the PCU is glowing green. Have looked through the manual but can't find what I'm looking for. Have scoured you tube without joy for this specific model. I have the operating instructions for ultra store that came with the van which shows a fused rocker switch but doesn't say where it's located in the van. update... My wife just found something on you tube which suggests it may be in the bottom of the wardrobe. Did look in there but full o
  6. Hi, My son has just bought his first caravan. It was a private sale and everything seems fine except that without the benefit of a full briefing on all the controls he is unable to get hot water from the electric. He has located the gas control and hot water flows but he can't locate the electric control switch. the water heater on the Sargent PCU is on but we feel there has to be a fused switch somewhere to get hot water off the electrics. can anyone shed light on this
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