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  1. Hi everybody.... and thanks so much for all the help and suggestions. First: everything is now working! The Carver water heater works on gas and electric, but I had to put a new second hand burner in, the old one was very rusty and burning yellow. As to the mysterious electrics.... well, for interest to all those who took time to offer suggestions, here's what happened. Voltage at the battery was 13.something, charging, or connected, or not. Voltage at the converter/charger output was 14-ish, and behind the control panel, was also 12.8. But when the mains was off, it d
  2. OK so I found what looks like the battery charger/ 240v input controller. It has two fuses - 2A 240v and 15A 12v. Both appear intact. There's also an inline fuse that seems to be an afterthought - it didn't have spring in, seemed the fuse was just rattling about in there, so I put a bit of ball point pen spring in to make sure there's contact. This fuse is also intact. And - here's the puzzling thing. The brand new battery now appears to be completely flat, despite being on 240v all night with everything switched off. What position should the "Leisure/Off/Car" battery switch be in, to en
  3. Thanks everyone. Yes, it's a Elddis Shamal XL. Are there fuses anywhere else, besides the row of round ones in the bottom of the control panel? They're all intact. I'll try to trace the battery wiring. The capacitor theory sounds exactly right. And tomorrow is multimeter time
  4. Hi folks, I couldn't find a better way to describe the multiple problems I'm having in one headline. I bought this elderly van which had been used, as many of them are, as a spare bedroom in a garden. Schoolboy error, but now I'm stuck with it. I've put a new 130ah Leisure battery in, but I still get the same syndrome: when the system is hooked up to 240v, the battery meter shows well into the green and the lights etc all seem to work fine (well, except one Lumo 3 which blew after 5 minutes, as did the replacement - but that's another thread) and so does the water pump.
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