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  1. I’m always safe and considerate when cycling and so are a lot of the cyclists I come across. There may be a few cyclists who don’t follow the Highway Code but there is also a lot of drivers out there who don’t either. There is also a lot of drivers out there who are dangerous and will overtake on a bend into oncoming cars and then try and push you off the road as they have no where else to go. Drivers should give enough room to cyclists when overtaking cyclist have to contend with enough hazards pot holes in the roads debris near the kerb. It’s a lot safer for a cyclist to ride side by sid
  2. Has anyone used this to check the gas level in the refillable bottles? https://tinleytech.co.uk/shop/lpg-parts/electrical/level-senders-displays-and-switches/bluetooth-level-sender-for-gas-bottles/ or can anyone recommend anything else? thanks Damien
  3. First caravan at 19 me and my wife are now both 36 and still love caravanning with my 5 year daughter.
  4. I had an x type some years ago I had a detachable towbar and if anything was cut you couldn’t see it. The parking sensors worked as normal.
  5. That’s a shame I have always found them good especially with any warranty issues.
  6. Grantham caravans are very good if your prepared to travel.
  7. I don’t think all kids or families are like this it just seems that reading through this thread that all families and kids are not well behaved and show no respect to others.
  8. I have a 5 year old who doesn’t leave the caravan without us or stays around the caravan. I expect in the next few years she will want to play later on in the evening and I have no problem in the summer months when its light for her to play later. Especially if we are on site with friends and their children. I think 10pm is reasonable for the children to be back in the caravan it’s there holiday too you can expect them to be in bed like they are at school. I may also have a couple of bottles of beers while I’m on holiday that doesn’t mean I’m drunk I know what’s happening around me but I’m jus
  9. We have a Swift Sienna 6TD which is based on the Sprite 6TD the bunks are perfect I’m 6ft and have slept on the bottom bunk before. It would be idea for anyone smaller for a holiday.
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