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  1. Congratulations on a very neat job! As mine is only cracked around the outlet depression, I had hoped I might find something that might enable me just to replace the outlet depression and maybe a 200mm diameter around the drain, hopefully culled from a second hand shower tray? If I could find a "new" outlet than sat within the existing, that would be perfect, allowing me to bond the two together.
  2. As a new member I thought I would get all of my concerns off my chest all at once... The flimsy plastic shower tray in my 2007 Elddis Odyssey has a crack all around the depression for the plug hole. It suggests to me that the shower tray was never properly supported when new, but the waste pipe was a tight fit, so the tray did a lot of flexing up and down around the fixed plug position - and therefore cracked in a full circle. Not rocket science. Being 6'5" I never use the shower as it aint big enough to get into and my wife simply regards it as pathetic - so we dont actually used it - but it bugs me that it is broken and remains unrepaired. I fondly imagine that one should be able to buy a new plug hole section, maybe a c ouple of inches bigger in diameter than the original, and this could be glued into place on top of the existing shower tray outlet and the job would be done. I would even be prepared to buy a damaged shower tray and cut out my own repair piece - but never seen one for sale as yet. Does anybody on this site have any suggestions?
  3. The offside rear corner of my 2007 Elddis Odyssey has quietly rotted away through my 12 year ownership due to a strip of excess vinyl trim that was stapled to it! This looks to me like a major repair and, if anyone on this site has any experience I would very much appreciate their advice at this point. The damage appears very local and doesn't reach the corner steady on that side, but I imagine the large piece of timber will need to be replaced inboard of that steady whatever happens?
  4. I made a similar enquiry to a reputable company dealing in caravan repair. He suggested that if I was to bring my 2007 Elddis Odyssey to his repair place, they wouldn't remove the cassette windows, (and doubted anybody else would) but clean any rubbish from the gaps that had been sealed before reseal with Soudal RV61, which he supplied. Unlike normal silicone sealant, this stuff apparently expands slightly and is an adhesive. I bought the stuff and applied it. It certainly looks very neat and hopefully will do the job - only time will tell!
  5. I have just discovered exactly the same problem - upto and including the awning trim plastic which has been stapled to the affected area under the van! My concern is that there appears to be a length of timber across the back of the van that the corner steady bolts to, which is rotten. Looks like 4" x 2" but maybe 4 x 4? Seems like a lot of that will have to come out. Then there are the attachments to both back and side of van to consider? I can upload pics if anyone is interested. The van is a 2007 Elddis Odyssey, which is otherwise in good condition.
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