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  1. New car July 2019 only covered 8457 miles since, so not been far at all
  2. Salt in two bowls, one at front of van one propping bathroom door open. Remove in spring, put salt bowls in greenhouse for summer ready for next winter. Very effective and low cost.
  3. We have just purchased the Colapz waste pipe and used it on a service pitch. When reducing length to pack away we noticed a small split in one of the segments. Although I will be contacting Colapz, has anyone any experience of this happening to them?
  4. We had the same so tied a string to the support strut and fastened the base down, easy to undo when you want to extract anything from underneath. The back rest noise we solved by putting a slightly broader (but not longer) screw into the support and then wood gluing the length of the support to the back panel.
  5. Does anyone have experience of fitting a different mixer tap in the shower. The tap in our shower has a bar to turn on/off, but it sticks straight at you when on and can be easily moved as you wash. We wanted to fit a smaller unit (as in the new Acadia) so any help would be appreciated.
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