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  1. I was thinking of reducing the seat size to 4'6 to gain more space for a set of bunks and opposite toilet at the rear
  2. Thanks tuningdrew were going to rebuild it to our own spec we need to add more sleeping area, we have some ideas on how we want it and a blank shell that has no damp and is water tight is our first goal
  3. Day 2. After an early morning start we removed the light board, and all the rotten wood and replaced it with 2x1 roof lats we removed all the roof insulation because it was loose and kept falling on us. We worked out that the internal struts were held on by external screws in the rails. We removed the window trims and waste door and refitted them after, we sealed all the new framework to the shell and G-clamped arround the windows to give a good seal. Once all the sealant had gone off we sanded down the walls and cut our neck insulation to size, we then stuck it on to give a flush finish to th
  4. This weekend like the first of many to come has been spent stripping out MOLLY. after 2 trips to the dump with cupboards cushions and wood, loads of wood we got her stripped out to see the full extent of the damp. We removed all of the black walls and the insulation foam that was damp and was still spitting water by using a wood chisel then left it to dry out that was day 1.
  5. Cheers Steven that's what I thought I'm best doing it a wall at a time and supporting the ceiling as I go
  6. This weekend I'm going to be replacing the rotten wall strutst in MOLLY, there the top,two middle and bottom including arround the windows, do I need to support the roof while I do it? Has anyone every done it and can advise me of the best way? Any advise on the process of the work would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  7. Were did you get your seat foam from if you dont mind me asking
  8. Hello everyone, me and the wife have just purchased an elddis hurricane xl not sure of the year but it was only £300, not a bad price for a project I thought. I know everyone will be saying it's a rot box and to be honest your all correct it has damp leaks and no internals apart from the main seats and two cupboards. I know it's not everyone dream first van but were on a tight shoe string and I'm determined to get my family into caravaning. So with some hard work coming up over the next many months only having 1-2 days a week off work we thought we'd join your group for any advise you can giv
  9. I'm no expert just joind today I'm going to use roofing timber to rebuild my internal walls only 77p per meter
  10. Sounds like my project but I haven't got too far with her yet started to RIP out the walls yesturday
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