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  1. Thanks, I will keep looking lol
  2. They did they would replace the wood and sort the leak, but i couldn't see where the leak was coming from so its one of those... they could say it has been fixed and I wouldn't be none the wiser, they said it was coming from the awning joint. I kind if agree about the trust thing, phoned up and he said they had just had it in (this was mid week), asked if it had damp and he said no.. sounded very honest etc, we drove down 2 hours to view yesterday and it has damp.. surely they would of known it was there.
  3. Went to view the elddis explore 495 2011, only to find that there was some black mould in the rear left corner under the rear double dinette seating, i took my own damp meter (only a Stanley model) and the reading in the very corner was 50%, check out side and the corner of the floor board was also wet, then used the dealers meter and tger readings were the same. They have said that they will cut the affected board out (wall, floor and external floor), they have said that theybwill give a 12 month warranty on the affected area, but i am concerned that the damp will come back and that the floor
  4. Thanks Andy, really appreciate the advice, I will speak with them tomorrow and get some information about what they need to know, etc.
  5. Hi, i am buying an Elddis xplore 495 2011 caravan, this is my first and I was wondering if anyone to help with that Security I need for the caravan? Best hitch lock and wheel clamp etc... thanks in advance.
  6. Yeah it seems to be the norm at the moment, I went round 9 different dealers on saturday and they all said the same thing, most said they would normally have 60+ caravans on site to view, but they were down to 10 or so and any new ones were going before they had even arrived or just pasted through the gates. Deposite is refundable so cant be complain, I think it is to stop time waster, the dealer sent me a 3 minute video walk round to see if we liked it, we did, paid half the deposit and then will pay the other half on viewing, then pay full balance when it is ready to collect.
  7. So, phoned the dealer about the damp and getting my deposit back... and they just said ok.. I've got someone else wanting to buy it anyway. I then phoned a dealer about a caravan i had seen online, but low and be hold it had been sold, surprise surprise lol, asked if they had anything available and they did, they had an Elddis xplore 495 2011 model for £7k with no damp, 3 months warranty etc. so I have put a deposite down and wil be viewing it on Saturday, i would be greatful if any one has got any advise about this type/model of caravan as I can seem to find much on line about them none for
  8. Thats really helpful, thanks once again for the help.
  9. Thanks for the advice, really really appreciate it, we would all be lost if it wasn't for helpful people like you . They have a 2010 Elddis avante 505 in stock, does anyone know if this is prone to the same issues ? I never thought about it in that way, it makes sense now though and I was thinking he was being helpful lol 😆
  10. Hi, 1st time buyer here, I'm sure you get soooo many people coming on here asking the same questions, but it is so hard to get independent advice, etc. I have put a deposit on a bailey ranger 505 2009/2010, the inside looks amazing, really clean, no smell or signs of mould, etc. When I went to view it today the guy said... wait for it... there is some damp in the top of the rear cupboard (spongy wall board). I went to look and couldn't find it, asked him to show me and there it was, not noticeable, unless pressed. The area is the size of a small plate. He explained that the water ingress is co
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