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  1. Thanks for your replies, very helpful especially Gordon’s, but doubt if it’s 1/8”, however I tried 3/16” and that felt loose, whereas 5mm seems right but can’t get the adaptors for 5mm. 
    I will of course have it all tested on completion 

  2. Hello, I’m attempting to install a gas lamp in an old 1986 Avondale kingfisher as I plan to use it off grid and don’t want to rely entirely on battery and led lighting. I have purchased a valor super lite fitting off eBay, but the gas inlet appears to take 5mm pipe, how do I drop the Avondale’s pipes (6mm? Or 1/4”?) down to 5mm, doesn’t appear to be compression fittings available to do this? Also what thread will the lamp inlet be, as it has no nut with it?

  3. Why do the carver heaters have a steel inlet pipe, can it not be replaced by a length of copper 1/4” pipe? I’ve seen somewhere due to high temperatures but surely the corrosion problem is more worrying than the remote chance of melting the copper. Just removed 1800 heater from an Avondale kingfisher 86 and the pipe was rotten

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