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  1. yeah just wondered about mounting something to the van not the awning
  2. im buying the airforce 500 Kampa awning I don't really like the hanging awning lights , so my question is . has anyone done something with the existing caravan light above the door to make a better light for the awning area thanks
  3. because of my tow car weight is not exactly a concern I just want to be able to do a 180 turn on the spot almost to switch direction in my garden
  4. anything I need to look for or avoid please ? thank you
  5. just purchased a Avondale Argente 650-6 2008. twin axle now I know its a heavy van so I need a motor mover kit . id like to buy used please as ive blown most of the budget on the van any advice would be amazing please thanks
  6. considering a newer caravan we are looking at a avondale argente 650-6 2008 we can't find a manual for this anywhere online except a dodgy looking site that wants a tenner we want a van with a fixed bed but a central toilet and shower . they seem to be few and far between . this van has a end area we can fit fixed bed in to can anyone advise please many thanks
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