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  1. Hi all Forgot to add that more has been done! Been replacing so much of the wood its crazy. Even had the fibreglass off completely for a day or two. Completely replaced the top corners and centre now, the roof is unscrewed halfway down the front as needed to remove the wood in the centre. The window frame and bracing has all been removed as well in these photos. I havent got any new pics of where I am now, but the basic wood frame around the windows is now rebuilt, the framework connecting the sides to the windows are mostly in. The top frames thst join t
  2. Hi all Made the decision this year to start hunting for a caravan, budget didn't stretch too far but ended up falling for a little Elddis 2 berth mistral xl. The OH loved the design of the interior etc. Anyway seems we bought a van riddled with damp. Being a little bit handy I thought let's investigate and see if I can do the repairs myself. OK so started stripping down the affected areas so I could find the source of leak. Ended up stripping right back down to aluminium. Glad I did as there was so much water hiding behind the ployatyrene and some of the ally panel had
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