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  1. Hi there, I have a Swift Accord 590 model 2007. It had a leak at the back window. I had to totally remove the whole rear panel on the inside as well as the furniture, replace the rotten wood and rebuild it. I found nails and screws in the rear plastic panel that had split the plastic from it’s original manufacturing and assumed this was the source of the leak. This was on the screws attaching the rear window and also Under the awning rail. I removed and resealed the awning rail. All of this took me a year and lots of Sikaflex. When it rained there was no leaking into the caravan back before I put the wall boarding on and rebuilt it. Now imagine my horror as after a trip to Devon the wood on the top inside of the rear window is leaking. My main question is from people’s experience where is the likely entrance of this water as I’ve already done a lot of sealing and feel like I’m fighting a battle of no returns. I wonder if the flexing of this journey has made some more splits. I also feel I might just be missing something here. Thanks in advance, I have my sealing gun ready to go...
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