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  1. Hi Jon Can you confirm that the Awning size is an 18 (if you bought a full awning?) thanks
  2. I’ve just bought a Dorema Daytona Air awning with an air annex. The annex seems small and we wanted to put a double bed in it, however now researched it the annex seems too small for a double bed?? Anyone got one and can advise pls? I’m concerned I’ve rushed into this and spent a lot of money which I can’t get out of now and isn’t going to do what we need! 😔
  3. Brilliant. Thanks for your reply. We’ve been trying to get one before we pick up our caravan and it’s confusing! Thanks for the other info too. Finding it all a bit of a mindfield as haven’t had a caravan for many years!
  4. We’ve just purchased an Adria Dart, which we pick up in 2 weeks. It doesn’t come with a spare wheel and the wheel size in the brochure is different to that on the caravan? Anyone got a Dart and can advise please? Thanks
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