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  1. You should see us.....its like a comedy sketch! Trip switch now up and all is working wahooooo! Thank you for all your help xxx We can start our holiday now whoopie ! ! If you ever need an injection or leg ulcer dressing......you know where to come.xxxx
  2. It was ignition fuse not lights.....but I have spoken too soon....because now none of the plug sockets work....but we now have pumped water and light!
  3. You are a genius!!! THANK YOU!! I held them to the light and found the light socket fuse had blown. I swapped the 5v fuse from the fire and all is working. THANK YOU SO MUCH XXX
  4. Thank you Lockin.....I have now found all the fuses.........I dont know which is the main fuse.....there are lots of separate fuses for all the different things in the caravan. Shall I replace the extracter fan 10v fuse in the morning as this was what caused the problem....or do I need to search for a main fuse??
  5. Five caravans on the campsite and noone knows how to help.... Thank you.....I'm switched off and rooting for the fuse board! I've taken the battery out but cannot find a fuse board. We will keep all electric off until the morning and ask the site owner for help. Thank you anyway.
  6. Thanks. As soon as I switched the fan on it was like a fuse blew. How do I change the fuse? I'm in a compass rambler 2007 2 berth. The interior lights dont work. Thank you. The interior lights dont work now. It all happened after I turned the extractor fan on...it was like a fuse had blown. I'm in a compass rambler two berth 2007. I have spare fuses. How do I change the fuse please?
  7. Please help...two nurses on tour at present! All electrics were working. I put the extracter fan on then the radio, lights, fan tv booster and water pump wont work. Plug sockets and tv work but now poor reception as no booster. fridge is working. Electric fuse box all correct...no buttons off. On master switch...please help......
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