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  1. I can hear the fluid moving around when it’s on and the fins heat up as if it’s trying to cool. The fluid did move when I turned it upside down also. Think it could just be limited movement through the pipes though due to rust inside like you mentioned. I’ve bought a table top fridge for now so when have something but will just have to put up with the noise till I get the rusty old one properly looked at. Thanks to everyone for the advise though 👍
  2. Yeah I tried inverting it and shaking it for 24 hours but it was just the same. Is there any way of checking the ammonia inside it or replacing it?
  3. Thanks everyone for the reply’s. it’s getting power to it and through the switch. It’s getting a gas supply to it but it won’t ignite (getting spark) have disconnected at the fridge to check supply. I’ve taken it out and the burner looks excessively corroded so think that’s the prob with that, will need to replace or clean it up and try again. When on electric 240v it’s on and can hear it working, the rear fins heat up as expected but the other pipes don’t cool and actually feels like inside it heats up. Thanks again everyone Hi sandy I have also tried the take out and upside down for 24
  4. Hi all, looking for some information. Just bout my first van and the fridge doesn’t work , spoke to a van centre that reckoned it it would cost a couple of hundred to fix and I would be better off getting an electric cool box. Been looking at mini fridges though. Does anyone know of any that I could put in place of the original Electrolux rm 4230? I can box it in to the original space but is there any quiet fridges available that anyone knows of or has done to their caravan? thanks stuart
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