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  1. LUI

    Fridge Query

    Thank you. once i leveled up the caravan the fridge worked fantastic. I now have a faulty awning light outside the caravan
  2. Thank you for your advise Thank you
  3. Hi All Can anyone advise for a fridge to work in the caravan do you need to be level Thank you
  4. Hi Can someone please tell me the fitting size for the waste pipes on the Lunar Lenon 520 2012 model is it 23mm or 28mm Thanks
  5. Thank you All. My name is Lui living in Bedfordshire. Have just bought a Lunar Lexon 520 2012 model with the hope of learning how to enjoy the caravan along with my wife during semi retirement. Looking forward to asking for advise
  6. Hi New caravan owner. It was recommend to me that i need to put copper crease on the Towing ball and hitch . as this will help the moment turning. can someone advise please Thank you
  7. LUI

    Gas setup

    Hi All First time caravan owner. Could any one advise if it best to use the Blue or Orange gas bottles Thanks
  8. Hi My name is Lui Newly joined
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