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  1. All sorted now. Yes the tap was off. Thanks everyone
  2. Hi, yes we have the water fully working but it’s cold. Yes the hot water turns itself off with the “!”. I’m guessing this is a safety feature. maybe it’s the gas valve you are talking about. I’m not sure what you mean by this though Brilliant. ive just used this link and found that no flame is being detected which would indicate that the gas valve may be set to off as the other chap suggested. Just need to figure that but now and I should be good to go hopefully
  3. Hi, I’ll start off by saying I’m a bit of a newbie when it comes to this. I’ve no idea how to work the water heater in our caravan and I don’t know what positions the valves need to be in for it to work. Ive trued browsing the internet for a how to video and had nothing. I understand the controls on the whale control panel but I keep getting a “!” When it comes on. The heating is working fine in the caravan but not hot water. Any help would be great
  4. Hi, I’m relatively new to caravanning, returning from our second trip last weekend. No problems towing in good weather and rain on other trips. I am concerned about towing in the wind today? Has anyone got any tips or recommendations on wind speeds that you shouldn’t travel in? Yellow warning currently in place for wind around 55-60mph in hilly areas so doesn’t look likely that we will be going.
  5. Hi All, As the OP I just wanted to give you all an update. I went ahead with the Ford C-Max and the Elddis Xplor 526. We have been very mindful of weights etc in the van. Buying lightweight versions of everything we could etc. Anyway, to get to my point, I have been to a weigh bridge today and combined it was 3.14t with the caravan weighing 1.28t (MTPLM 1.35t) and the car weighing 1.86t (Gross weight of 2.05t). I was weighed with All our things including the motor mover and awning also. I think the lesson from this is if you check all you
  6. Thanks mate. I pick my car and caravan up this week so all is good I’m looking forward to getting out there and enjoying it with the family.
  7. Some trailer experience however, not a great deal other than my lessons and test. I’m aiming to become competent and I’ll be doing so whilst staying completely safe and legal
  8. Thanks Andy I’ll be doing exactly that
  9. Correct Steve but as we all know only passing a test doesn’t get you competent, experience is required.
  10. Thanks to everyone for their comments. My plan is to get my caravan coupled up to my C-Max and make sure I get plenty of practice. I like the empty car park idea. I’ll be doing that for sure. I can understand what people are saying in regards to failing the B&E and not being competent however, I do have some trailer experience, I drove a large 4x4 for a number of years, had lessons on trailers, learnt all the theory, proved I can correctly couple up and uncouple and even drive comfortably with a large trailer. I even passed my reverse manoeuvre every time I’m pr
  11. Hi, yes you read it correctly. I failed my reverse manoeuvre due to shunting forward too many times. With my weights I can tow on my B license anyway and I am completely comfortable towing a trailer or Van. it’s a shame I know but I’m not shelling out a load more money as it seems pointless at this time. I may retake it in the future if I decide to get a heavier caravan or car.
  12. Ours in the Xplor 526 which doesn’t have a motor mover. We have opted for a smaller awning for the caravan so hopefully that will help. It’s also an air awning so I’m guessing that will weigh less that the pole ones. Im going try and get the Mrs to help push if needed. Shouldn’t be too much pushing though hopefully and with it being lightweight not too hard haha. Ours in the Xplor 526 which doesn’t have a motor mover. We have opted for a smaller awning for the caravan so hopefully that will help. It’s also an air awning so I’m guessing that will weigh less that the pole one
  13. That’s sound advice. I’ll weigh everything the 1st time and I’ll probably get a good idea if weight etc. I may even go to a public weigh bridge to check.
  14. Haha, we have discussed this. We are gonna do our shopping when we get to wherever we are going to avoid this. I’m guessing the MTPLM in a van includes things like the step and other things that you’d usually use? The question is more to put my mind at rest when I get out with caravan. I’m a worrier. I suppose you’d have to be stupid to overload really. If we are mindful we should never be over weight should we?
  15. Totally agree but my question is, is it likely that with usual gear for camping would you overload the vehicles?
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