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  1. I believe the whole thing has been taken out, so definitely it's not going to be cost effective. I will be travelling abroad so a shower in the caravan is a must. Thanks a lot for your prompt replies Guys, will keep my eyes open and look for a better deal.
  2. Hi, I came across a hard-to-find Adria Toura caravan tha I like and can afford. However the previous owner removed the bathroom, which she didn't need, in order to make it more spacious. How much I should look forward to spend if I want to install the bathroom with toilet, sink and shower? The owner does not have the original parts. I just need an approximate figure to help me understand if it's worthed financially. Thanks a lot!
  3. Hello Friends, Do you know anyone or any company in Manchester that can look at a caravan for me before I buy it? It's a private sale and it will be our first caravan so I really want to make sure everything is as it should be. I found a caravan engineer but he's fully booked till mid October! It must be a mobile service as I can't take the van to a garage... Any suggestion out there? Feel free to send me a private message if you wish. Thanks a lot!
  4. Yes it is. Hi, hanks for the encouragement! I'm after a caravan that has fixed bunks at one end an fixed double bed at the other end. The dinette would be in the middle. This caravan ticked all the boxes plus the fridge is taller than the average ones found in caravans. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll have a look at caravan finder. Have a great day!
  5. Hi there, Just courious, what does "give him a wide berth" mean? It's the first time I read it... Thanks!
  6. Hello Everyone, I'm new to caravaning and something weird happened to me this morning... I don't know if my request to the seller was rude or unreasonable?!? Basically, I found a 2006 Caravelair antares luxe 486 on Facebook marketplace. It's my dream van but it was about 2 hours drive from my location. I would say the caravan would cost £4000- £5000 (I'm no expert here) but it was on sale for £3500 o.n.o. The seller didn't mention the word damp at all in the advert. However, he did say the van has a crack in a window and it was fine. He also mentioned that everything was
  7. Hello Friends, As per title, I'm looking for a 5/6 berth caravan with fixed double bed in one end and fixed bunk beds in the other end. The caravan will be used primary for sleeping and eating meals so a big lounge is not really necessary. It will be more like a "Bed & Breakfast" caravan for us. So far I came across the Caravelair Antares Luxe 486, and wondering if are there any other options out there? Again, the beds must be fixed, not be the usual sofa or dinette that converts into a sleeping area. Thanks a lot for your insight.
  8. Wow thanks a lot for your help! I just found one on the internet for £1250 and it weights 650kg. Unfortunately it has only toilet and sink (no shower) but I'll keep looking. I feel I'm on the right track now. Thanks again for your kind help! Hi, thanks for you kind reply. No unfortunately it's not the Marauder. I put it on my profile because it's the closest I could found. Paul1957 mentioned the Abi Monza so I Think it's that one because it's just 650kg (unloaded I believe). Thanks again!
  9. That's because I'm looking for something light that can be towed with virtually any car, not just my Zafira. If I remember correctly, the caravan from Abi that I mentioned above was about 850kg. It's a shame I don't remember the model though!
  10. Hello, thanks for your reply. I'm looking for something below 900kg. I'm not sure about the lenght but I believe that a caravan below 900kg will be short enough for my driveway.
  11. Hi, Thanks for your reply. I didn't understand which brand and model you're suggesting in your post. Hi, I'm going to tow it with my vauxhall zafira and I have a cat. B only. I know that the type of caravan I'm looking for can be found in the older/vintage models rather than the new ones. The problem is that I don't know many models apart the ABI. Thanks
  12. Hello Everyone, I was just wondering if there is a time of the year when buying a caravans could be cheaper, and possibly with less competition if I want to use ebay? Also , is there any time of the year when caravans tend to be more expensive? Thanks for your insights.
  13. Hello Everyone, Looking for a very light and short 4 berth caravan with shower. Budget is maximum £2000. Please can you suggest a caravan that could match my requirements? No folding caravan or something that has less than 4 berth please. Some time ago I came across a caravan made by ABI that was ticking all the boxes but I don't seem to find the model anymore. Thanks a lot for your kind help
  14. Hello! Thank you very much for welcoming me here. I joined Caravan Talk because I would love to travel to all corners of Morocco with my husband and kids in a caravan. We usually drive from the UK to Morocco during the summer holidays but we never used a caravan before. Also, because accommodation can be quite expensive abroad, we can only visit 1 or 2 Moroccan cities at any given time. Ideally, I'd like to live off the grid during our next holiday in Morocco. I hope to learn how to make this dream come true with the help of like minded people like you. Thanks for taking time
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