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  1. It is a demo model so could have been on their forecourt over winter.... it worked for a whole day before blowing so guess the PDI would not have picked it up.... what should we do over winter then do we need to pack insulator round it?
  2. Thanks everything is tight where white water pipe attaches to switch and ring is screwed on tight. We have called dealer and he suggested we drive it back (2.5 hours away!) But he has put us in touch with a local repair person who may be free on Tues. All caravan bailey dealers around here are shut until Monday....
  3. Thanks on day 1 of a 10 day holiday...quite annoying to say the least.. luckily campsite showers and washing up areas open so we can manage. Might of well have brought the tent!!
  4. Our first trip in our brand new caravan fitted with Truma Ultraflow combi boiler. During last night the caravan flooded. The problem is that when we turn the water pump on water is spurting out of the Smart Switch. Any ideas why this would suddenly happen? Was working fine yest afternoon and evening. VID-20200719-WA0000.mp4
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