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  1. Thank you! I've had far too much of an opportunity to spend money on it over the last 3 months! The van was so little used, just twice in 6 years so it came with nothing whatsoever. So, its been 3 months of buying bedding, pots pans, tool kits, crockery, cutlery etc etc. It didn't have any service history as it had always been in storage, so next it was time for a full service, and 2 new tyres, then came an air awning. I thought I was happy with everything at that point, until we then had to turn it round on our gravel drive, which was like something out of a cartoon between the two of us! So, then we had a motor mover fitted. Honestly, I've never poured as much in to something I've never used! Certainly looking forward to next weekend!
  2. Hi! Newbie here. We purchased a little used 2014 Sprite Major 6 at the end of Feb but obviously haven't had the opportunity to get away as yet. First long weekend / trial run is next weekend. It's not been without drama already but that's for a different thread!
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