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  1. What is worrying is that your list of faults apart from the plastic shavings is completely different from mine, a common fault is one thing but this suggests that the build methods are a shambles. It bothers me that we bought our vans for their many "quality " features, not for the best feature which is the warranty because you will use it more than any other!
  2. Failed awning light, interior spot light,wardrobe door lock,shower door frame curved, all exterior lights Failed, toilet flush and water pump Failed, squeeling brakes, pump fuses blowing, and 50percent damp around wheel arch. Away at the moment and now have partial Failed service light , all the wall paper strips are peeling off and pin holes in the roof blind, apart from that, all ok?
  3. We currently have a vip 575, our second coachman and out first brand new van, in the last 12 months it has suffered a myriad of problems from poor build and failed parts and now topped off with damp. Our previous van was older and didn't suffer any of this. I have noticed various threads around the forum on different subjects but have mentioned 2019 vans. Is this a particularly bad year or do coachman not bother with quality control anymore? Very sad to see a company that portrays itself as better than the rest to take a large chunk of my hard earned and expect us to see it as acceptable!
  4. We also thought that the curtains hung in the way but my wife figured it out, if you look in your kit for the awning you should find 2 pieces of white elastic with a plastic toggle at each end, now look at the black tabs for the tie backs, 2 half way up and 2 lower down, there are slits in them, the toggles go through these to hold in the curtains at the bottom. And no i didn,t see any instructions for this either. Agree with the vertical beam inflation, too much pressure and it levers itself off. Surely the gap between top and bottom rail is roughly the same on all caravans so can,t se
  5. you cannot reverse the pipes, you need a pump that sucks air out as explained in my reply to your thread "Isabella query". We managed to get an aquantance to make a copy of the air valve on a 3D printer but with no valve in it, should now be able to attach vango pump to easily suck air out, will let you know how we get on in wales next week.
  6. A man of taste v8vmarkie, yes we have a cirrus air and a coachman too!
  7. Guess i should have read the date this post started before supplying above info, oh well
  8. Total weight is around 35kg, but as the awning comes with 2 bags it is easier to take out the sides and split in to 2. This means you put up the roof alone and this weighs around 20kg so quite easy to pull in to rail and zip in the sides after.
  9. I have the standard specialised tow cover for my 575 vip and found it to be an excellent product, fits perfectly and does the job, the more expensive one is debatable but thats up to you, worth knowing is that there is a flap along the top inside edge that hooks over the coachman name plate above the front windows which keeps the cover in place, remember to unhook it when removing or you will try to pull off the plate. Should also say specialised are one of the best companies i have ever dealt with, excellent customer service.
  10. as a follow on to an earlier thread "Isabella query", what is the forums thoughts now that the premium awning maker has joined the air market, is anyone thinking of buying one, have you got one, any tips or tricks to pass on, is the pole v air argument at an end? probably not, but i can say as an owner of one i can say it is an excellent awning and it does feel a big step up from my also very good vango awning as it should.
  11. so toilet now fixed, flush pump had failed, not quite a year old and not heavily used, occurred to me that it is recommended to only use water pumps when immersed in water to lubricate and cool, as you have to use the pump on these to empty the flush tank is this why they fail so often or are they just junk ?
  12. Audi Q5 2.0 petrol 15k, 250bhp and almost same torque as diesel variant, smooth, quiet and no effort pulling our coachman vip575, 21mpg towing and around 36mpg on a run without, also have large transit and driven diesels for many years so aware of low down pulling power but car cruises at 60mph at only 1600revs and does not struggle at any speed really, petrol engines have come along way
  13. Always empty the flush tank when not in use but you have to use the flush to empty the tank as no drain pipe fitted to these as on thetfords, genius!
  14. As with all air awnings the more air you get out the easier it is to fold in to the bag, this awning has 1 inflation point which means 1 deflation point, Kampa etc has a deflation point for each leg. we also have a vango awning, the pump for this also deflates , you can get 1 for around £20 or less, just hold it on to the open valve hole and suck out the air, spoke to Isabella about this so they know. The valve used is i believe is a boston valve as used on dinghys etc. It opens as air is pushed in but close tight as soon as you stop,the more pressure inside the tighter the seal,useful in a bo
  15. Our comedy dometic flush has also failed, if this is dometics idea of improving the caravan toilet maybe they should organise a work experience day at Thetford! On the subject of the fuse,why does it tell you there is one in the coachman handbook but not say where or how to take apart the toilet to get to it,ok,rant over
  16. We used ours on a trip last week for the first time and are also happy with the quality, we also put ours up at home and are glad we did as there were a few small issues, all dealt with quickly by the excellent Isabella service dept. On opening we found that only 1 awning bag was supplied, should be 2, small guy ropes for the kador strip missing and no mention of psi pressure in instructions other than on a separate sheet for the pole across the window that said 5 bar, that's 72 psi !!obviously a print error. Isabella said around 9psi is ok, having a vango varkala awning aswell they are 7psi,
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