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  1. I have also questioned this, an Isabella salesman told me this awning is sold across Europe and the gap between upper and lower rails on their vans is larger so a better fit, don't know for sure without actually measuring one. I have found using poles at the back the best way of sealing but slightly defeats the point of an air awning. Pole pockets are provided like the ventura as insuranceman pointed out but no poles.fixed at the bottom by putting a peg under the van then use a bungee cord to adjust tension, worked very well and no draughts. Should point out that the rear legs should splay out at the bottom until the rear leg material is flat,found by trial and error to seal properly as this was not shown by instructions or pitching video, hope this helps.
  2. I am glad you are happy with your fridge as I am sure many others are. Whist I have an opinion on the product based on factual usage this is just an exercise in information sharing that may be useful to all users good and bad and absolutely not meant to be a personal afront to anyone
  3. Hi everyone, appreciate the feed back, posted in 2 sections as it seemed that this fault can affect coachman owners as well as other brands of van. Agree with other posts that front of freezer does not keep food frozen, have noticed that freezer shelf moves forward in transit. Door plastic fascia panel has also slipped down revealing the cheap foam insulation and the door seal keeps coming off,very poor product considering the unbelievable price should you need to pay to replace. ADMIN COMMENT - Duplicate topic merged in to this one
  4. I have a new 460vip with the new dometic series 10 fridge and the door has completely fallen off, any one else having problems with dometic overpriced comedy products?
  5. Have just arrived in Scotland only to find the door on the fridge of my new 460vip had fallen off completely, milk, coffee etc everywhere, not a good start. Before anyone asks, yes it was properly closed and latched and not overloaded. Have used it on 3 previous trips and not had this. Dealer has been contacted, waiting for reply. Fridge is Dometic series 10 with 2 way door opening, so my question is has anyone else had problems with these fridges?
  6. Have had 3 coachmans, 2 of them new, all have this problem, why not make the van with clip over joint caps or better still no joints ?
  7. Towing a 1500kg van with 2.0 tfsi audi q5 and average 23mpg , tows smooth and quiet at 60mph and only 1600rpm, plenty of power as torque figures are similar to the diesel version but over wider rev band. Have read about this sort of comparison a few times but still wonder why having a petrol over a diesel matters when considering how often a van is attached over an average years mileage, lets say 1500 miles towing, how much would you really save and does it matter that much given the overall cost of a caravan anyway.
  8. first towcar was a c180 petrol estate auto, power no problem towing coachman vision 520, found it was a little nervy in wind or passing large vehicles but the bigger problem is the towbar weight, only 75kg so had to be careful when loading, i think the model you are looking at is the same so do check if this is a problem. E class not much different in price and more suitable but not all rated for towing, e220 for one as my friend found out too late and had to change cars.
  9. Having run a large transit van for many years i am certain that the ev "revolution" will only really happen once the commercial side of transport fully embraces it. Currently there is no really usable alternative to diesel due to fuel range, refuelling, the right vehicles being built and above all, cost. In this world cost is king, companies and individuals can Talk about saving the planet all they want and thats ok, but the moment it is cheaper for industry then that is the time it will be viable for all of us. There are plenty of new ev cars being launched but in the real world of trucks and vans there are not nearly enough at a price the companies and individual trades can really afford never mind the practicalities, how long to charge up a tractor unit? Most vans etc need a range of at least 300 to 500 miles and not need thousands of staff waiting around for hours for their vehicles to charge up, who pays for that, back to cost again. I do not know when this will all be solved but it will be solved and i for one look forward to it as this is an exciting time for anyone who has an interest in cars,bikes and transport in general as this is the biggest change since the birth of individual motive power
  10. Depends on your budget/needs but have a look at isabella cirrus air, available 3 or 4 metres wide, have had one for a year and can vouch for its quality and durability in bad weather having seen many others blow away last year at glen nevis
  11. look on pages 2 and 5 of the awning forum
  12. try my thread on this subject and also the isabella query thread, you should find all the info you need
  13. Now that we have looked at every possible part of what is wrong with the ev argument, what about looking at the advantages, as at some point we will end up with them. Having been lucky enough to spend 24hrs with an audi e tron I can say it is completely different experience and a real eye opener, fast seamless power and incredibly quiet, no wonder people who have changed see ICE cars as so out of date and won't change back
  14. The service team returned this week for click and collect so it would be best to contact them directly for details of your deal as certain procedures are in place to handle the current situation
  15. How suitable an ev is for you depends on how often and how far you actually tow, many folk only tow a few times a year with odd long trip for annual hols, the rest of the time is regular commutes,shopping etc. There have been endless threads about petrol v diesel and the need for bigger more powerful tow cars but many of these spend most of the year not towing anything, it comes down being honest with yourself about what you want as opposed to what you really need
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