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  1. Hi Arrand.. The switch is on the control panel in the little cupboard opposite the entrance door
  2. Hi All well, after a number of hours with a volt meter, tracing cables, testing fuses and relays (i now know the electrical layout of the 2008 Swift challenger 530) it seems that i have made a school boy error.. The system is working perfectly and I should have simply checked the swift user guide first.. as it states on page 18 under “The towing code” ”WARNING: The fridge will only operate in transit when the 12V distribution panel selector switch is in the 'VAN' position.” https://orbit.brightbox.com/v1/acc-jqzwj/Swift/handbooks/pdfs/000/000/020/origin
  3. Hi All I have a issue with the fridge on my 2008 Swift Challenger 530 when on tow The fridge works well on 240v, gas and 12v when the switch on the control panel is set to “van” Along with all other 12v lights etc in the van. however when on tow the fridge does not work when the switch on the control panel is set to “car”, nor does any other 12v item inside the van. I have tested the pins on the 7S (grey) plug and traced the red (pin 6) and black (pin 7) from the car to the van, there is a small set of fuses the wiring goes to under the front righthand
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