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  1. I give it a quick rub with 240 grit sandpaper.
  2. When I picked up my first caravan I had just had a new tow at fitted with shiny black paint. The seller gave me a piece of emery cloth and told me to remove the paint otherwise the ALKO stabiliser wouldn’t work. He said it requires shiny clean metal, no rust, to make a good contact. Is this correct.
  3. I was in two minds about posting this. I do no want to give thieves ideas but at the same time I think it’s important to make fellow caravanners aware of vulnerabilities.
  4. They quoted me £50 to replace it. I told them how easy it was to undo with a screwdriver and suggested that they put the indents in the locking bolt socket. The agent said the use of a screwdriver would void the warranty. I might put a sticker on the lock made stating “thieves beware, use of a screwdriver will void the warranty”. That should sort it.
  5. Firstly. I lost the locking bolt socket so when I removed the barrel lock I had nothing to undo the locking bolt. The screw driver located nicely in the indents in the locking bolt. The locking bolt socket isn’t a really positive fit in the locking bolt, it’s just a few small protrusions pushing into indents. If the lock isn’t dead centre on the receiver it binds on the locking nut and if the van moves slightly when you put the handbrake on or when you are tweaking the the level it binds even more making the locking nut very difficult to undo so I always tighten it finger tight. Unless someone has got the laser cut socket to match the locking bolt it shouldn’t matter how tight it is. How can they undo it. ?????? I have seen many vans parked on sites and in motorway services that haven’t got the barrel lock fitted. One of my neighbours had to call alko out to remove the barrel lock so he is reticent to use it. Once the bolt was very tight and I used an adjustable spanner on the shaft of the screwdriver. It undid. The purpose of the post is to make people aware how easy it is to remove the bolt and to remind them to always fit the barrel lock.
  6. Last year I was just about to move site when I realised I had lost the metal bar thing which you push into the hole in the alko wheel lock to undo the securing bolt. I always had a problem lining this up to engage the end of it with the notches in the bolt. Faced with calling out the alko engineer I had a look in my tool bag and found a 6mm wide flat ended screwdriver which I poked in the hole and undid the bolt in seconds. I now use this all the time to save faffing about with the proper tool. I know a lot of people have problems removing the lockable insert that goes into the hole and have noticed when walking around campsites that many don’t bother fitting thinking that it is secure enough without it. Beware.
  7. After doing it a few times you can look at the bubble on the spirit level and know how many planks thus doing it in one or two movements. You can put lines on the level representing plank thicknesses. Good solid footing for the wheel.
  8. Levelling the van whilst lining up the lock to the receiver can be a challenge. I use a simple method that always works. Obtain a 3 metre length of 145 mm wide decking. Cut into 8 pieces. Place one piece in front of wheel. Move van forward using motor mover onto wood. Check level. Stack 2 pieces behind wheel. Reverse van. Check level. Stack 3 pieces in front of wheel move van forward. Repeat process until Level. Roll van along wood until lock lined up. You could use a builders plank ripped down to 7 inch wide. Sing. Drill lots of holes in each piece with 32 mm spade drill to reduce weight. If your really up for it you could chamfer the leading edges. Store them in the small size supermarket bag for life.
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