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  1. Hi! I have a 2007 hobby prestige 720 and the light in the light "tube" in the corner has died and needs replacement but to me there is no apparent way to remove the cover while the light is installed in the caravan?
  2. Thanks for all the replies! Everything works when connected to EHU but I was wondering if there where some ways to get 230v to the outlets to charge phones and maybe turn on the television (currently only got a TV that supports 230v). The site we are using don't have EHU so we rely on our generator to supply 230v for charging the batteries and using electricity during the day. We usually turn off the generator during the night and use the batteries to power the lights and everything 12v, and it would be nice to have some power to the outlets but it's not "necessary", it would just be con
  3. Alright! Thanks, I knew I had read the name for it but couldn't remember what it was.
  4. Hi! I have a 2007 hobby prestige 720 and a battery connectet to the dometic 12v transformer witch gives me power to all the 12v appliances in the caravan wile disconnected from "land power". However I don't have power for the 230v outlets and was wondering if there is an easy way to make that work?
  5. Hi all, I have a 2007 hobby prestige 720 with alde 3010 and the digital control panel (the one with screen, buttons and blue backlight). The problem is that the control panel (which I assume also contains the room thermostat) is located in the same closet as the alde unit. The alde unit it self heats the closet up really quick so the system thinks it's hot in the caravan while ir really only is hot in the closet. Is there a way to use a remote thermostat or do I have to relocate the entire control panel? Or is the thermostat some other place?
  6. Did you figure it out? I'm wondering about the same
  7. Hi! I have a hobby prestige from 2007 that developed a leak around the skylight in the kitchen witch is now fixed but the water stained the roof lining and it now looks discolored and ugly. Is there any place this roof lining could be bought along with the "tape" joints?
  8. Thanks for the reply! This looks like it is correct, all the lights which gets power from the 12v DC transformer works but the ones that get power from this circuit board don't work unless I manually trigger the relays with a screwdriver. I measured 230 v ac on the leads that goes to the board. It says at the top, 2007MY
  9. I have searched wide and far for a wiring diagram with no luck.. I have not tried to connect the car to it yet to see what works with the car connected. But I would guess everything should work with mains connected. My understanding of how this should work is that the light switch panel controls the relays which controls the lights so maybe either of those are fried. However the light switch panel don't control the bathroom lights, those are connected via an own switch and still don't work (they are however controlled via the same relay board.)
  10. Yes this happens on mains, though all lights are 12v and they all get power from a 12v transformer which is verified working.
  11. There is no battery installed. However there are many other lights that work that is not controlled by one of these relays. With EHU connected everything works appart from the above mentioned lights (which for some reason is controlled by relays?) My guess is that it is the lighting control box of the light switch panel is faulty the light switch panel I was however hoping some of you has had the same issue.
  12. Hi! I recently bought a 2007 hobby prestige 720, most of the lights work but the bathroom, kitchen and outdoor lights and the downlights in the livingroom area dont work. They do however work when i manually bridge the relays in the lighting control box (picture bellow) The relays are circled in red. The fact that all lights work when i manually bridge the relays indicate that all the lights and wiring is correct?
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