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  1. Well that turned out to be a joy! awning up in about 40mins, and that’s including removing the paper packaging etc and reading instructions ( which is quite unlike me!! Lol must be mellowing with age) the pouring rain couldn’t dampen the mood
  2. Deep breath time : I took the plunge and got myself a Kampa Ace Air pro 300. so if anyone is about Co Sligo tomorrow and sees a guy with an instruction book upside down - that’ll be me. thanks for the replies, will let you know how I get on.
  3. Again, thanks for the replies. Trying hard to justify one when its only 2 of us in a 4 berth van. Think I'll leave it for a bit and see how we get on. I had always put up the pole awning in the Bailey, but am really enjoying the relatively less hassle of no awning. I started to re-consider when I saw a guy pitch next to me on Thursday with an air awning - so much ease!
  4. Hi there, thanks for replying - quick correction - this is my 3rd year caravanning - so newer than I thought!
  5. Thank you all for your replies. A point which was mentioned was getting it packed away dry. Thats another fear! if not totally dry I could possible ruin it. Thanks Blackhart for your photos, given me some food for thought
  6. back story: I had a 2005 Bailey pageant that I bought in 2017, hadn’t a clue what I was buying, knew the guy selling it, turned out it was rotten with damp. Got badly stung with it. apparently the offside awning rail was not sealed properly but the roof was bad too. I was lucky to get rid of it - huge financial loss though anyhow - Last year I purchased a 2016 swift conqueror. the bailey had a pyramid pole awning with it, I got shot of everything as I was feeling pretty bad about being caught. anyway I’m now debating whether or not to buy an awning. I’ve been told that the awning puts a stress on the rails, but with the HT construction of the swift I wondered if that would still be the case. I am considering an air awning, ( had enough of the poles to last me a lifetime) , and being still new to caravanning I thought I’d seek a consensus of opinion? there’s really only me and Mrs K in the van, but there will be the odd time of maybe 1 extra with us. I was thinking of the extra space to sit out etc I know I could make a case for no awning just as much as for getting one Thoughts anyone?
  7. Hi there. New to the forum. New to caravanning. (Well still learning) this is my 4th year with a van. based in NI. 3 grown up children, no grandchildren yet, so enjoying the freedom of it all.
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