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  1. Thanks for all the advice
  2. Hi I need advise please, I need to replace my caravan door lever style door retainer catch on my elddis affinity 540, they are held on by screws and sat on what looks like spacer blocks, do I need to use mastic on the screw holes when fitting new catch.
  3. hi all some advice needed please, had some new tyres fitted to caravan tyre pressures set, out on first trip with new tyres, had tyre pal switched on and pressures went up by 8psi , weather was warm at around 21 degrees any advice welcome thanks.
  4. Yes very helpful thank you.
  5. hi all could you please advise me on how to fit a tv bracket to my elddis affinity 540 2016 model underneath the microwave thanks.
  6. Thanks for all your advise, I am new to Caravanning and the original tyres are still on van at moment with a load rating of 104 but am now dropping down to 102.
  7. Hi all I have been looking at getting new tyres for my van which has a mtplm of 1500 kg and when I spoke to tyre company they have said the 104 load rating is obsolete, can anyone enlighten me thanks.
  8. Thanks for your replies much appreciated
  9. Thanks for the advice.
  10. hi all I’m new to Caravanning and wanted some advice as how to stop caravan electric lead from rubbing on road surface when towing , can I place it over the hitch damper and then plug it in to car socket thanks.
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